Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Week in Numbers

5 = Number of cigarette butts our lovely neighbor has left on our doorstep or next to my car in the last 24 hours. Isn't he sweet?

5 = Trips I have made to Home Depot in the last 24 hours. If I never have to go back to this store again, it will still be too soon.

10 = Boxes I have packed so far. I better pick up the pace!

17 = Days until Baby Nullmeyer's due date!

29 = Years of age Adam will turn on April 11th.

31 = Gallons of paint we have purchased this week.

155 = Number of e-mails I received at work during my first week of Maternity Leave.

480 = Linear feet of baseboard we have purchased this week.


  1. I'm hoping that this is the neighbor at the condo..? I'm sure it is.

    Those are some amazing numbers you've got there...particularly 17, 29, 31 and 155! OMG. They really miss you :o)

  2. What paint colors did you end up deciding on?