Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ryan: Five

Happy 5th Birthday Ryan!! It is pretty amazing to think that I have a 5-year-old. This age seems too big for you!
This was another year of changes for you. You recovered from your skull fracture, took your first swimming lessons, moved to a new city and new house, got a new baby sister, started preschool 3 days a week, started t-ball, and registered for Kindergarten. That's a lot of changes for you!
Speaking of your new baby sister, you are absolutely smitten with her. Whenever you talk to her you talk in a really high-pitched voice, like you are imitating a little girl's voice. You love making up silly names for her, like "Little Goo-Boo", "Mae-Mae" or "Little Trash Can". Sometimes if I leave you alone with Jenna and she starts to cry, I will come back to find you "shushing" her to calm her down. You are very sweet when you talk to her and Jenna genuinely seems to love you. (Watch video below)
Your relationship with Lucas isn't quite as sweet these days. In fact, the two of you are downright mean to each other most of the time. I hate seeing the two of you fight, but I know it is to be expected. For the longest time you dealt with Lucas' powerful personality by backing down. But this past year you started standing up for yourself and fighting back. We are trying to teach you the difference between standing up for yourself and hurting your brother. It's a work in progress with the two of you! On the rare occasion that you and Lucas play together nicely, it makes me so happy. I do see you trying to help him and teach him "big boy" things, like putting on his shoes, or pouring water for him. He usually punches you but I love seeing you try to help!
If I had to list your top 5 favorite foods they would be: nachos, tacos, cheerios, cheese pizza, and chocolate. What a diet! Obviously you don't eat all these foods every day, but getting you to eat healthier foods is still a huge struggle.
Unfortunately we have had a difficult time lately with your temper. You have a hard time controlling your emotions when you get angry. This bad behavior tends to be much worse when your brother is around. Every once in a while when I get you to myself, I see your adorably sweet personality come out. You will say and do the cutest things, and I wish I could see that sweet side of you more often.
We made some changes this year to your sleeping arrangements by putting you and your brother together in a room. This made bedtime a little easier for a while, but it has gotten difficult again. You still come into our bed every single night once we're asleep. I've just gotten used to waking up and seeing you next to me in the morning!
In terms of your looks, I don't think you changed a lot from last year! You gained a couple pounds this year and got a little taller, but you still look the same to me. Same dirty blond hair, big blue eyes, long thick eyelashes, and perfectly proportioned little body. You are such an adorable little boy and I don't think anyone can argue with that.
Your likes: Wearing gym shorts ("soft pants"), hotwheels, the color blue, video games
Your dislikes: Wearing underwear, art projects, vegetables
Ryan James Nullmeyer, you are such an incredibly special boy. I pray that as you continue to grow up you would learn to trust in God and look to Him to guide your steps. I am blessed to have you as my firstborn son. I love you so much!

Weighty Wednesday: Exercise

I tried exercising more this week in an attempt to lose these last 4 stubborn pounds. Here is what I did:

Wednesday: 30 minute walk wearing Jenna and pushing both boys in double stroller
Saturday: 45 minute walk wearing Jenna and pushing/carrying Lucas halfway
Sunday: 1 mile run (12 minutes, 30 seconds) with two short walking breaks
Tuesday: 20 minute walk wearing Jenna, chasing after boys

It might not sound like a lot, but it is definitely more exercise than I was doing before. It takes a lot of effort and coordination to get out of the house with 3 little kids, so I'm proud of what I did this week. I didn't change my eating habits at all this week, and even splurged a couple nights with some desserts. I lost 2 pounds.

Lbs Lost This Week: 2
Lbs Lost So Far: 29
Lbs Left To Lose: 2

I really want to make this my last Weighty Wednesday week! I'm going to try to exercise even more and really pay attention to my sugar intake. I'm feeling confident that I can reach my weight loss goal this week!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #14

I love getting my Stitch Fix box of surprises on my doorstep each month! I can't believe this is my 14th box of goodies from Stitch Fix. I have no plans of stopping this service anytime soon. Yes I am addicted to Stitch Fix.

Once your fix ships, you have the option of "peeking" online to see the names of what you will be receiving. I admit I usually do this each month, so I have a general idea of what I'll be receiving. But I decided that one of my favorite parts of getting a Stitch Fix box is the element of surprise. So this month I did not peek at all. And it was even more fun to open my box of surprise clothes!
I was a bit disappointed when I read the note from my stylist and saw that it was a different person. My stylist was on vacation and I somehow got assigned a new stylist. I was afraid this new person wouldn't do a very good job of sending me items I like, but I think she did okay. However, I have requested my other stylist to do my "fixes" from here on out. She's the best!

My photos this month are horrible, so I apologize for that. I'll try to enlist Adam to help me out next month by taking my pictures.

Siena Capri Pant by Kut From The Kloth
Ok so I really like the idea of these pants. I love coral, and I did request capri pants. I already own two items of clothing by this same brand and love both of them. So in theory these pants were perfect for me. But unfortunately the fit was just strange. They were tight in my calves, which surprised me because I don't think I have large calves. This caused the pants to bunch and wrinkle around my knees a little bit. If the fit in the lower legs had been better I would have kept these capri pants because everything else about them was great. Status: RETURN

Lex Textured Floral Knit Fit and Flare Dress by Brixon Ivy
I really just hate this dress. The fit and flare style looks okay on me, but the color is awful. The yellow and gray floral pattern reminds me of a couch, and I think I would need a really good tan for the colors to be flattering. Status: RETURN

Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short by Dear John
I knew I would be keeping these shorts as soon as I pulled them out of my box. I think the pattern looks a little strange in the picture. It is actually a very small navy and white stripe. They are cuffed at the bottom and the perfect length and fit. I think they would look cute with a variety of different solid-colored tops that I own. I am glad my stylist listened to my request for shorts. The weather is about to get really hot here so I am trying to build up my supply of shorts in my closet. Back in Newark I rarely had to wear shorts so I only owned 2 pairs until now. Status: KEEP
Thomson Cross Front Blouse by Collective Concepts
When I looked at the above picture I was surprised that this blouse didn't actually look too bad on me. I was a bit irritated with this blouse at first. I did request a floral top, but I asked for a knit top. This polyester shirt is definitely not what I would consider a "knit" fabric. The other reason this shirt irked me is because an extremely similar top was sent to me by Stitch Fix last year. I sent it back then because I didn't like it, so why would they send me another shirt that is so similar? One of the options when filling out my style profile is to include or exclude certain fabrics, such as leather, wool, and polyester. I am going to change my profile to exclude polyester going forward, so that should guarantee more cotton knit tops. Status: RETURN 
Montezuma Split Neck Blouse by Sweet Rain
This shirt is so cute. It is a beautiful mint color that I love, with tiny white hearts all over. While I loved the color and general style of this blouse, I wasn't totally in love with the shoulder and chest area. Because I am a bit top heavy, shirts with higher necklines are not very flattering on me. I also felt like the shoulders were a little bit too wide. I still loved this shirt, though, and was undecided about it up until the very last minute. I may regret my decision, but I ultimately sent this one back. Status: RETURN

Overall I'm happy with this fix because I ended up with a great pair of shorts! You can read my other Stitch Fix reviews here:

What is holding you back from trying Stitch Fix? It is so convenient and such a special treat, especially for those of us who don't get a chance to shop alone. You can sign up to receive a Stitch Fix box for yourself here. I appreciate you using my referral link!:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Weighty Wednesday: Stressed

These past couple weeks have been tough. Life with 3 little kids is just really hard. I have been having a very difficult time lately with my boys, and getting through each day can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. It makes me seek out something for a little comfort and enjoyment, and that something usually ends up being food. And of course when I'm feeling anxious and stressed I want the foods that aren't that great for me, like desserts or rich creamy cheesy foods.

I actually lost 1 pound last week but was too busy to blog about it. Unfortunately I gained that 1 pound back this week, which means I still have 4 pounds left to lose. Technically, I don't have any more baby weight to lose. I am officially at the weight I was at when I got pregnant with Jenna. So I could quit this whole weight loss thing now and be happy with where I'm at. But I set a goal back in January and I still want to meet that goal.

I need to strike a healthy balance. On the one hand I need to be kind to myself during this difficult phase with my kids, and give myself a little grace. Losing weight when you're stressed and sleep-deprived is tough. But on the other hand I don't want to use my kids as an excuse to not take care of myself. (Or an excuse to eat ice cream every night!)

Lbs Lost So Far: 27
Lbs Left To Lose: 4

I think the key to losing these last few pounds is going to be exercise. I feel like my body is really flabby and soft (hello, I just gained 50 pounds and birthed my 3rd child). Exercise could really help me to tone up a little bit. I was talking to Adam about this last week and we agreed to try working out together in the evenings. We have the P90X workout DVDs so we decided to try them. We had the best of intentions, but here's how it went. The first night I had to go out somewhere, so Adam was watching the kids alone. The second night Adam didn't get home from work until after 9pm. The third night Jenna was up until 11:30pm. By the fourth night we were both too tired to move, let alone do a strenuous workout.

I wish there was some sort of workout routine I could do easily with my kids around. I suppose I could try doing a workout at home on the TV in the mornings, but then I wouldn't be able to keep an eye on the boys. And trust me, they need about 10 eyes on them at all times.  I like the idea of a workout challenge with a time frame, like a 30 day challenge or 6-week couch to 5k program. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jenna: 5 Months

Jenna, how can you already be 5 months old? Time is really flying by and I want to keep you at this age for as long as possible! You are just the sweetest little thing.
You are still such a content baby. You go with the flow, whether that mean having hotwheels zoomed over your head, or being constantly interrupted during nursing sessions because Mommy is needed elsewhere. I can set you down to run and break up a fight, and when I come back you are just patiently waiting for me, smiling and cooing. (Or undressing yourself!)
I started feeding you solids last week, just for fun. I'll probably do a separate post next month about my approach to feeding you because I'm trying to do things differently this time around. I started you off with homemade brown rice cereal. 
Your new "trick" this month is sticking out your tongue.
I had some setbacks with your sleeping habits this month. Once you learned to roll over I had to stop swaddling you because you would get stuck on your tummy. I dreaded doing this because I knew you wouldn't sleep as well. And I was right. It has been much harder to get you to fall asleep by rocking and nursing. One night last week I had tried everything and you just wouldn't go to sleep. I finally just placed you in your crib and left the room. And what do you fell asleep on your own! You have done this about a dozen times since then, for both naps and bedtime. Yep, you're pretty much the perfect baby.
Despite how easy-going you are, there are some things that really seem to bother you. You hate being cold. You can't stand being separated from Mommy, particularly in the evening. You get mad when you roll over and getting stuck on your tummy. And you don't seem to like Lucas very much yet. (Ryan can always make you smile!)
Unfortunately you have discovered the television. And you love it. If the TV is on you will stretch your neck around in order to watch it. I'll turn you around but you still try as hard as you can to see the TV screen.
I just love your chubby cheeks! You fill our house with so much love (and pink!) and I love watching you grow each month.
Photobomb! See, I told you she's not so sure about big brother Lucas.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Two Tongues

Three things I learned from this photo:

1) Jenna has really big cheeks.
2) Babies learn quickly from older siblings.
3) Lucas has a really big tongue!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Paint Nite

My sister and I did something really fun last night. We went to a Paint Nite! This is an event at a local bar or restaurant where an instructor guides you through how to paint a specific picture. You can be as creative as you want, so everyone's painting ends up looking a little different. Here is the example of the picture we were supposed to paint:
 Ready to start painting!
Here is my painting with just the background. It didn't quite look how I wanted it looked more like an easter egg!
After painting on the stems.......
Here is my finished painting! Hey, I never said I was an artist.
Here is my sister painting. I love how hers turned out! (She is the artist in the family)
 Side by side.
We had such a fun time getting out of the house for a couple hours and doing something fun together as sisters. It was nice to actually focus on something without the distraction of kids! Have you ever done a Paint Nite?

Monday, April 13, 2015


Jenna has turned into quite the little screecher. She has to be heard over her brothers, after all!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ryan's 5-Year Checkup

Ryan had his 5-year checkup with his new doctor yesterday. Ryan was being his typical self when around someone he doesn't know well. He completely shut down and wouldn't talk to the doctor. You can see how excited he was in this picture.......
Ryan had his vision and hearing checked and everything looked great. I was actually a little concerned about his vision because lately he has been wiggling is eyebrows up and down constantly. I thought maybe he was doing it to focus his vision. But his eyes are fine, and his eyebrow wiggling is likely just a weird tick or habit.

Ryan continues to be a pretty small boy. Last year he was in the 11th percentile for height and weight. This year he was pretty much exactly the same. This didn't surprise me at all! Here are his 5-year growth stats:

Weight: 35 lbs (12%)
Height 40.5 inches (11%)
BMI: 34%

I expressed to the doctor that while I'm not concerned about his size (that's just how God made him!), I am concerned about his awful eating habits. Ryan's doctor simply reminded me that I control what goes onto Ryan's plate, and from there Ryan controls what he eats off of his plate. It's simple in theory but difficult to execute! I can stock the house full of healthy foods but the hard part is listening to the whining and backlash all day long when I won't give in to Ryan's requests for less-than-healthy foods. (chips) It's exhausting!

Ryan got 4 vaccinations and a blood draw to check his iron (results were perfect).

We also spoke about Ryan's defiant behavior and aggressive tendencies, but that's a post for another time. Ryan's health is great and he got all the necessary medical paperwork signed for him to begin Kindergarten. I can't believe he is getting so old!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Weighty Wednesday: Easy To Gain

Why is it so much harder to lose weight than it is to gain it? It just seems like so much effort is required to lose weight, but then one day or weekend of eating too much can put you right back at the beginning. I did pretty well last week and even photographed most of what I ate for two days. But then the weekend came and I had the mentality of "I deserve to's a holiday!". Oh well, a little indulgence here and there is good for my sanity. Let's just say I ate way too much chocolate last weekend and as a result only lost 1 pound for the week. Here is what I ate Thursday and Friday:

Thursday breakfast: Whole wheat banana pancakes, cutie, coffee with half and half
Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad with cucumbers, peppers, celery, carrots, and a boiled egg.
Tea to warm me up
strawberries for an afternoon snack
Dinner was salmon, whole wheat couscous, and steamed broccoli and carrots. Ryan ate half of my salmon pictured here.
A side salad of butter lettuce
I was hungry before bed so I ate a bowl of grape nuts
Friday's breakfast was homemade granola in milk topped with frozen cherries. Black coffee to drink
Lunch was a salad of butter lettuce, carrots and cucumbers. On the side I had a homemade chicken burger. I cooked these mini chicken sliders for dinner a few weeks ago and froze the extras.

Plus half this carton of yogurt. (grass fed yogurt that I found at Safeway!) Lucas ate the other half.
I was feeling snacky a few hours later so I had a cutie and some roasted chickpeas.
Dinner was crockpot chili topped with cornbread. Leftover steamed veggies on the side.

 A couple handfuls of stovetop popcorn after dinner
 Unpictured is the big brownie and bowl of ice cream I ate after dinner. I baked some goodies for Easter and couldn't resist sampling them! It was all downhill from there......
Week 14
Lbs Lost This Week: 1
Lbs Lost So Far: 27
Lbs Left To Lose: 4

I'd love to be done with my weight loss by the end of the month. My original goal was to have all my baby weight lost by June, so I'm definitely ahead of schedule. Time to eat fewer brownies and more veggies!