Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ryan's 5-Year Checkup

Ryan had his 5-year checkup with his new doctor yesterday. Ryan was being his typical self when around someone he doesn't know well. He completely shut down and wouldn't talk to the doctor. You can see how excited he was in this picture.......
Ryan had his vision and hearing checked and everything looked great. I was actually a little concerned about his vision because lately he has been wiggling is eyebrows up and down constantly. I thought maybe he was doing it to focus his vision. But his eyes are fine, and his eyebrow wiggling is likely just a weird tick or habit.

Ryan continues to be a pretty small boy. Last year he was in the 11th percentile for height and weight. This year he was pretty much exactly the same. This didn't surprise me at all! Here are his 5-year growth stats:

Weight: 35 lbs (12%)
Height 40.5 inches (11%)
BMI: 34%

I expressed to the doctor that while I'm not concerned about his size (that's just how God made him!), I am concerned about his awful eating habits. Ryan's doctor simply reminded me that I control what goes onto Ryan's plate, and from there Ryan controls what he eats off of his plate. It's simple in theory but difficult to execute! I can stock the house full of healthy foods but the hard part is listening to the whining and backlash all day long when I won't give in to Ryan's requests for less-than-healthy foods. (chips) It's exhausting!

Ryan got 4 vaccinations and a blood draw to check his iron (results were perfect).

We also spoke about Ryan's defiant behavior and aggressive tendencies, but that's a post for another time. Ryan's health is great and he got all the necessary medical paperwork signed for him to begin Kindergarten. I can't believe he is getting so old!

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