Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ryan: Five

Happy 5th Birthday Ryan!! It is pretty amazing to think that I have a 5-year-old. This age seems too big for you!
This was another year of changes for you. You recovered from your skull fracture, took your first swimming lessons, moved to a new city and new house, got a new baby sister, started preschool 3 days a week, started t-ball, and registered for Kindergarten. That's a lot of changes for you!
Speaking of your new baby sister, you are absolutely smitten with her. Whenever you talk to her you talk in a really high-pitched voice, like you are imitating a little girl's voice. You love making up silly names for her, like "Little Goo-Boo", "Mae-Mae" or "Little Trash Can". Sometimes if I leave you alone with Jenna and she starts to cry, I will come back to find you "shushing" her to calm her down. You are very sweet when you talk to her and Jenna genuinely seems to love you. (Watch video below)
Your relationship with Lucas isn't quite as sweet these days. In fact, the two of you are downright mean to each other most of the time. I hate seeing the two of you fight, but I know it is to be expected. For the longest time you dealt with Lucas' powerful personality by backing down. But this past year you started standing up for yourself and fighting back. We are trying to teach you the difference between standing up for yourself and hurting your brother. It's a work in progress with the two of you! On the rare occasion that you and Lucas play together nicely, it makes me so happy. I do see you trying to help him and teach him "big boy" things, like putting on his shoes, or pouring water for him. He usually punches you but I love seeing you try to help!
If I had to list your top 5 favorite foods they would be: nachos, tacos, cheerios, cheese pizza, and chocolate. What a diet! Obviously you don't eat all these foods every day, but getting you to eat healthier foods is still a huge struggle.
Unfortunately we have had a difficult time lately with your temper. You have a hard time controlling your emotions when you get angry. This bad behavior tends to be much worse when your brother is around. Every once in a while when I get you to myself, I see your adorably sweet personality come out. You will say and do the cutest things, and I wish I could see that sweet side of you more often.
We made some changes this year to your sleeping arrangements by putting you and your brother together in a room. This made bedtime a little easier for a while, but it has gotten difficult again. You still come into our bed every single night once we're asleep. I've just gotten used to waking up and seeing you next to me in the morning!
In terms of your looks, I don't think you changed a lot from last year! You gained a couple pounds this year and got a little taller, but you still look the same to me. Same dirty blond hair, big blue eyes, long thick eyelashes, and perfectly proportioned little body. You are such an adorable little boy and I don't think anyone can argue with that.
Your likes: Wearing gym shorts ("soft pants"), hotwheels, the color blue, video games
Your dislikes: Wearing underwear, art projects, vegetables
Ryan James Nullmeyer, you are such an incredibly special boy. I pray that as you continue to grow up you would learn to trust in God and look to Him to guide your steps. I am blessed to have you as my firstborn son. I love you so much!

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