Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #14

I love getting my Stitch Fix box of surprises on my doorstep each month! I can't believe this is my 14th box of goodies from Stitch Fix. I have no plans of stopping this service anytime soon. Yes I am addicted to Stitch Fix.

Once your fix ships, you have the option of "peeking" online to see the names of what you will be receiving. I admit I usually do this each month, so I have a general idea of what I'll be receiving. But I decided that one of my favorite parts of getting a Stitch Fix box is the element of surprise. So this month I did not peek at all. And it was even more fun to open my box of surprise clothes!
I was a bit disappointed when I read the note from my stylist and saw that it was a different person. My stylist was on vacation and I somehow got assigned a new stylist. I was afraid this new person wouldn't do a very good job of sending me items I like, but I think she did okay. However, I have requested my other stylist to do my "fixes" from here on out. She's the best!

My photos this month are horrible, so I apologize for that. I'll try to enlist Adam to help me out next month by taking my pictures.

Siena Capri Pant by Kut From The Kloth
Ok so I really like the idea of these pants. I love coral, and I did request capri pants. I already own two items of clothing by this same brand and love both of them. So in theory these pants were perfect for me. But unfortunately the fit was just strange. They were tight in my calves, which surprised me because I don't think I have large calves. This caused the pants to bunch and wrinkle around my knees a little bit. If the fit in the lower legs had been better I would have kept these capri pants because everything else about them was great. Status: RETURN

Lex Textured Floral Knit Fit and Flare Dress by Brixon Ivy
I really just hate this dress. The fit and flare style looks okay on me, but the color is awful. The yellow and gray floral pattern reminds me of a couch, and I think I would need a really good tan for the colors to be flattering. Status: RETURN

Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short by Dear John
I knew I would be keeping these shorts as soon as I pulled them out of my box. I think the pattern looks a little strange in the picture. It is actually a very small navy and white stripe. They are cuffed at the bottom and the perfect length and fit. I think they would look cute with a variety of different solid-colored tops that I own. I am glad my stylist listened to my request for shorts. The weather is about to get really hot here so I am trying to build up my supply of shorts in my closet. Back in Newark I rarely had to wear shorts so I only owned 2 pairs until now. Status: KEEP
Thomson Cross Front Blouse by Collective Concepts
When I looked at the above picture I was surprised that this blouse didn't actually look too bad on me. I was a bit irritated with this blouse at first. I did request a floral top, but I asked for a knit top. This polyester shirt is definitely not what I would consider a "knit" fabric. The other reason this shirt irked me is because an extremely similar top was sent to me by Stitch Fix last year. I sent it back then because I didn't like it, so why would they send me another shirt that is so similar? One of the options when filling out my style profile is to include or exclude certain fabrics, such as leather, wool, and polyester. I am going to change my profile to exclude polyester going forward, so that should guarantee more cotton knit tops. Status: RETURN 
Montezuma Split Neck Blouse by Sweet Rain
This shirt is so cute. It is a beautiful mint color that I love, with tiny white hearts all over. While I loved the color and general style of this blouse, I wasn't totally in love with the shoulder and chest area. Because I am a bit top heavy, shirts with higher necklines are not very flattering on me. I also felt like the shoulders were a little bit too wide. I still loved this shirt, though, and was undecided about it up until the very last minute. I may regret my decision, but I ultimately sent this one back. Status: RETURN

Overall I'm happy with this fix because I ended up with a great pair of shorts! You can read my other Stitch Fix reviews here:

What is holding you back from trying Stitch Fix? It is so convenient and such a special treat, especially for those of us who don't get a chance to shop alone. You can sign up to receive a Stitch Fix box for yourself here. I appreciate you using my referral link!:

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