Monday, December 11, 2017

Day In The Life 12/11/17

Here's another day in the life post for you! I woke up on this Monday and decided to document everything we did today. Both the crazy and the mundane. Here we go!

6am: My alarm goes off. I don't move because I'm afraid I'll wake up Andrew and Jenna. I am smashed in between them. Jenna woke up at 4am crying so I brought her in our bed.

6:30 - Ok I really need to get up. I manage not to wake anyone up, but I'm afraid Andrew will fall out of bed. I dress really quickly and then he wakes up so I bring him downstairs, along with the big boys. It's a flurry of getting dressed, eating, packing lunches and homework, tracking down jackets and shoes, etc. My Dad comes over every morning to take the boys to school, which is a huge blessing.
 7:45 - Jenna is still asleep so I make a quick To-Do list for the day. I think I'm being overly ambitious, considering it is an early day for the boys.
 8:00 - I make a quick bowl of steel cut oats topped with peanut butter and banana. Microwave my now cold coffee and read a little bit of my Seamless bible study book. I blogged about it last year after receiving it at Christmas. I am ashamed to say I am only half way through. But I really do love it! Such a good study for strengthening your Bible knowledge.
 8:15 - I switch out my slippers for some real shoes. These are absolutely my most comfortable pair of booties. I think it's because they are wedges. I bought them 2 years ago on Amazon of all places.
 The princess has awakened!
I need to run by the mail store to return a couple things. First is a set of Hardy Boy Clue Books. We accidentally ordered two sets for Ryan, and he obviously only needs one. I've heard good things about these books, so hopefully he will love them!

Second, I need to return my latest Trendsend box. This is that styling service that's similar to Stitch Fix, but without the styling fee. I actually fell in love with this top from my box, but couldn't justify keeping it due to the price. If it goes on sale please send it back to me, Trendsend stylist! (oh and I just heard that Stitch Fix is still waiving your first styling fee through the end of the year!)
9am - Jenna eats her breakfast while I start my 2nd load of laundry of the morning (need to buy Lucas night diapers! I am so sick of washing pee sheets), do the dishes, sweep the floor, and package up my returns. While I'm doing my chores, Andrew manages to chew off our reindeer's antler. Poor guy.
And Jenna manages to spill most of her yogurt on her pajamas. I change the kids and we get set to run our errands. First, though, Jenna spends some time sitting on the potty. I put her in undies and pray she doesn't have an accident while we're out.
10am - We finally leave the house! I take my laptop to a local tech repair place. Lucas messed up some settings on my laptop last week and I haven't been able to fix it. When the tech guy tries to look at it, my laptop decides it's time to run a bunch of updates. After sitting in the lobby with a screaming Andrew for about 30 minutes, I give up and just tell the guy to call me when it's done.

Me and the two littles drive down the street to Walmart to grab a few things and kill some time. I remember to buy Lucas some overnight diapers. Andrew is still screaming so I rip open a package of Gerber snacks for him in the store.
12:30 - My laptop is still running updates so I head home. I'm hungry so I rip into this new package of granola. You guys, my eating habits have been so bad lately. After Christmas I need to get back on track. Please hold me to it!
1pm - My Dad comes by to pick up the boys from school. Andrew just woke up from a nice 15-minute nap and he is super cranky.
1:15 - While the boys are coming home I make a quick batch of lemonade for Adam. He jokingly refers to himself as the "6th wheel" around here. He's being funny, but I know there's truth in jest. So whenever I think about it, I try to do something for Adam. Something that isn't just for the kids. This lemonade is for Adam because it helps to prevent his kidney stones.
 1:30 - Lucas' face when I tell him we're going to see Santa today!
 And Ryan's face.
2pm - My Dad kindly offers to help Ryan with his homework. I sit down to fold the boys' laundry. We are painting their room right now, so they've been sleeping in the playroom. It's such a mess upstairs right now, but it feels good to get all their laundry done!
Then Lucas and I eat triscuits and read flashcards. After my Dad leaves I put Andrew down for a nap, but he doesn't fall asleep until 3:20. I run downstairs and get the 3 big kids ready to leave. Socks, shoes, and more time on the potty. I get them all in the car and then rush upstairs to wake up poor Andrew at 3:45.
4pm - We drive to the Rocklin Police Department to see Santa! They are having a santa story time. Honestly, the reading was very disappointing.
But then we got to stand in line and meet Santa! Jenna was terrified of him but I managed to get a picture of all 3 boys!
 Lyla and Bella were also there!
On the way into the police station Ryan was concerned that we weren't supposed to be there, like we might get in trouble. Then we saw a shiny black Challenger, and he and Lucas decided that it might belong to a "bad guy". It made me look at Ryan and really think about how young and innocent he is. It was so cute!
5pm - After our Santa visit we had an impromptu tour of the police station! Here are Lucas and Jenna sitting in the jail cell. Hopefully it's Lucas' first and last time there!
We also got to see the shooting range.
6pm - Back at home I threw together a quick dinner of tacos.
I made mine into a crunchwrap. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it'd be fun. It was a layer of soft tortilla, cheese, taco meat, tostada shell, yogurt, lettuce, tomato, salsa, and guacamole. I stuffed mine so full it wouldn't close. It was a delicious and filling dinner.
There was a knock on the door. It was our neighbors with homemade cookies for us! We ate our cookies and Alexa played some Christmas music for us. I seriously have a love/hate relationship with her. Adam accidentally ordered her and she just kind of stayed. Do you have an Alexa?
After dinner we all got bundled up to go out front.
7pm - To see Santa Claus again! This time he was on a fire truck driving around our neighborhood, blasting music. 
 7:45 - Back inside we were freezing so we changed into our jammies. Jenna had a little accident in her pants. Darn, she almost made it all day without any potty accidents! Ryan reads to his little siblings.
 While Andrew and I take selfies.
8:15- Ryan's reading teacher sent home this new book to read. Miss Daisy is Crazy. Oh my goodness, Ryan was cracking up. It's a book about a 2nd grade boy who hates school. Ahem....sound familiar? Ryan and Lucas both thought it was hilarious and they giggled the entire time I was reading. The cookies and candy canes they ate right before bed may have had something to do with it!
8:30 - Andrew is asleep and Adam is home! We talk about our day while I wash dishes and pack lunches. Andrew is awake again by 9 so it's back upstairs to nurse him back to sleep. And then I blogged. Goodnight.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Books and Movies

Today I thought I'd share some of our favorite Christmas books and movies. When I was a little girl I loved opening up our Christmas bins and pulling out all the books. They felt extra special because I only read them one month out of the year. Now that I have my own family, I always make sure to pack away the kids' Christmas books and movies at the end of the year, rather than leave them out year-round. Come December, it's almost like getting new books/movies! I even have friends who wrap up their Christmas books and let their kids open 1 each day during advent. What a fun idea!

Over the past few years I've been expanding our Christmas library. Here is a list of our favorites, as well as a few on my wish list.

This is a big favorite from my childhood. It is adorable! Patchy Pumpkin doesn't get chosen to be a jack-o-lantern, and he sits cold and lonely in the snow until a mouse comes along and turns him into his family's home for Christmas. A classic!

This is another childhood favorite! Anna lives in the World War II era, and she needs a new coat. Her family does not have money to buy one, so her mother barters with different people and eventually Anna's new red coat is made in time for Christmas. I read this to Jenna the other night and she really seemed to like it. I hope it becomes a childhood favorite for her!

I bought this book when Ryan was a baby and it's been fun to introduce his siblings to it each year. It is about a little bear who asks his Mom "Who Invented Christmas?" They head off on a little adventure and along the way the Mom teacher her cub about God, and about the very first Christmas. Very sweet!

This is a cute little rhyming book about what snowmen really do at night. Did you know they have snowball fights and drink hot cocoa? My kids like the rhyming sentences and this is one of those books that is the perfect length to hold their attention. 

Definitely a classic! My kids think some of the wording and illustrations are a little "weird" in this book, but I like exposing them to the older phrases. Everyone needs a Night Before Christmas book in their collection.

We have a few song books and I love how they encourage us to sing Christmas songs together. I especially love the illustrations in this one! Just a few days ago Ryan needed to do 20 minutes of reading for school. I handed him this book and told him to read it to his brother and sister. He chose to sing it instead, and my heart just about melted right out of me! It was too precious.

Last but not least, the Christmas Story. I want my kids to grow up hearing the true story of Jesus' birth, not just at Christmas but all year round. This is the version we have but I am in the market for a new book of Jesus' birth (apart from the Bible!). Do you have a good one to share?

Please share your favorite kids' Christmas books with me! I love adding to our collection. On my wish list: The Polar ExpressThe Story of the NutcrackerBear Stays Up For Christmas

Now for a few movies!

White Christmas was always one of my favorite Christmas movies, and still is. Good old fashioned wholesomeness.

If you haven't experienced Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol, you are missing out. I loved this version as a child!! I actually have this in my Amazon cart right now.

Another childhood favorite! I am actually not sure if my kids have seen this movie. Guess we'll have to remedy that this year!

We got this last year and the boys love it. Now, there is a little bit of language in the beginning that I don't love, so we usually fast-forward through that. The movie is so entertaining though! Definitely a family favorite.

Just a little FYI: After 8 years of blogging, I have decided to become an Amazon Affiliate. This means I will occasionally share links to items on Amazon. If you use my link and then go on to purchase an item, I will earn a small commission. Please know I will only share products that my family uses and enjoys, or items that we are hoping to purchase. Thank you for supporting my little blog!

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Ahead Of The Season

I always feel SO behind every December. So many gifts to buy, things to decorate, bake, attend, mail just feels like too much, especially with little kids. Every year things seem to sneak up on me, even though I know what's coming! It doesn't help that everyone in my family has a birthday between September and December.

Ok I don't mean to brag....but we are so on top of things this year! Our tree is up and decorated.
(Please excuse the flashing disco-ball star on top of the tree. It's a serious point of contention in our house right now. )
 The fall leaves have been raked.
The stockings have been hung by the chimney with care. And get this.....Andrew's stocking with his name on it is already here. Like I ordered it last month. I've never had one of my kids' stockings ready for their first Christmas before!
 The house is decorated.
 With a mix of hand-me-downs, homemade items, and some new purchases.
 The pine-scented candles are burning.
 The house just feels cozy and Christmasy.

And for the first time, I mailed out our Christmas cards early! We've only received 3 so far, and I've already sent out all of ours. This as never happened before. And if we're being realistic, this will likely never happen again. (Anyone have a good Christmas card holder they can suggest? Every year I intend to buy one!)
(This picture didn't make the cut for our cards)
 Thanks to Grandma Jan, we have our little snowman family out.
We've been feasting on some yummy seasonal treats. For the record, Jenna is NOT a fan of candy cane Trader Joe's oreos. Oh and also for the record, you must try Trader Joe's "Cheesy Trees". They are Christmas tree-shaped cheese crackers and they taste JUST like my homemade cheez-its.
My ticket has been purchased for our church's women's Christmas gathering this week. And every night this week we've been doing our church's family advent together after dinner. Also, the boys started doing their lego advent calendar last night.
Adam and I are just about done shopping for our kids. Yesterday we even started wrapping everything. With a little help.....
We still want to go look at Christmas lights and bake cookies. Oh and I've got to start on presents for the boys' teachers. But seriously, I feel like we are so ahead of the season. I hope we can relax a bit, stay healthy, and just enjoy the next few magical weeks. Adam and I were joking that come Christmas Eve, we're going to realize we forgot something huge. I sure hope not!