Friday, September 30, 2016

On Having Another Boy

So in case you didn't see my Facebook #4 is a BOY! I know, I know, about 99% of you thought I was having a girl. And quite honestly, so did we! As I left the doctor's office I just kept repeating to myself "3 boys 3 boys 3 boys"

In complete honesty, my initial reaction to finding out the gender was not overwhelming excitement. Obviously any baby is a blessing. And a healthy one is a double blessing! But deep down I think many of us do have a preference for gender.

In my mind, I was imagining 2 boys and 2 girls. How perfect is that? Two big brothers to watch over and protect their two little sisters. A same-gender playmate for each child. 2 boys in one bedroom, 2 girls in the other. I always told Adam that I'd be okay with having a 4th child if it meant Jenna could have a sister.

Personally, I don't feel very equipped to be a boy Mom. I almost feel like asking God why he is giving me all these boys, when I just feel so much more knowledgeable about girls. I don't love running around outside throwing a ball. I'd rather bake something in the kitchen with my kids. I don't love racing cars and making engine sounds. I'd rather read a book to my kids. Now please, hear me out. I'm not trying to stereotype boys vs girls. But in MY experience, MY boys would rather play in the mud than make daisy chains. They would rather wrestle until someone is bleeding, than pretend to have a tea party. In MY experience, for MY personality, little boys are a lot to handle! Ever heard the definition of boys?? "Noise with dirt on it" Yep, that's MY experience with boys.

Now please don't read this like I don't love raising my boys and being a boy Mom. I love my 2 boys with my entire heart and soul. They are teaching me so much. They are pushing me out of my comfort zone. I love thinking about the men they will grow up to be some day. I love thinking that I am preparing them to be somebody's husband. BUT I also absolutely love raising a daughter. And I don't feel like I've had my quota of girl yet. I was really wishing for a little bit more girl in my life.

So I am choosing to change my frame of mind. I am putting all girl thoughts out of my head and focusing on boy. Boys are actually pretty awesome! They don't scream when they get messy. (Jenna I'm looking at you). Picking out their outfits is a cinch. Boys grow up to be big strong men who can help their Dad with projects. I've heard that difficult little boys will often grow up to be really amazing drama-free teenagers. Having another boy means we don't have to buy much boy stuff.  Little boys pick flowers for their Mommy. (Lucas!) Boys love eating their Mom's food. (Right? Someday?)  Boys love their Mommy. Jenna is going to have 3 brothers to watch over her and protect her. If anything, being surrounded by brothers is going to make her seem even more special in our family.

I am choosing to trust God that this little boy is the perfect addition to our family. For God's ways are always the best, and my motives for wanting a girl only come from my own selfish desires. "Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6. God knows that we need another little boy. He has known about this baby boy for a long time, and He created this boy for a very special purpose. "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb." Psalm 139:13

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Adam's Stitch Fix Review #1

I am SO excited to share Adam's very first Stitch Fix review with you! Stitch Fix recently started offering their styling services to men. When I heard this I immediately filled out a style profile for Adam and scheduled his first fix. All without him knowing. Haha.

Adam is not the type of guy who loves shopping for clothes. He dresses for comfort, and his lifestyle is extremely casual. He's worn the same types of t-shirts and jeans since I met him, and I know him well enough to know that I'm not going to change his style. However, I feel like he could really use an update to his wardrobe, even if it is just new t-shirts and jeans.
Adam and I opened up his Stitch Fix box together. I immediately noticed all the details that are different about the men's box. Instead of a minty color they use a dark forest green. Instead of soft tissue paper they use a heavier brown paper to wrap up the clothes. Very manly.
Adam's fix included a nice note from his stylist, as well as the style cards for each item he was sent. I begged Adam to let me take pictures of him modeling his clothes, but he flat out refused. Darn! You'll just have to settle for hanger pictures.
 Initial view of the clothes:

Brookline Puffer Vest by Flag & Anthem

I thought this navy blue puffer vest was really nice! Vests are so in style and I could picture Adam wearing this over a long-sleeve tee with jeans. It had a lot of nice details, such as plaid around the collar and pockets on the outside and inside of the vest. Adam's reaction when he tried it on? "I feel like a goober". Well okay then, I guess vests aren't Adam's thing! Status: Returned
 Brunswick Overdye Jean by Flag & Anthem
The color of these jeans almost made them look like khakis. But they were definitely a jean material. Color aside, the fit of these just weren't Adam's favorite. They were labeled a slim fit, and Adam prefers to wear his jeans loose and baggy. I thought they looked really nice, and not "slim" by normal definition. But definitely a bit slim compared to how Adam wears his jeans. These just weren't his style. Status: Returned

Baseline Triblend Crew Tee by Threads 4 Thought
This photo is making the top look like a basic grey, but it is really more of a greenish/greyish/blue color. Yes, it is a basic tee. But that's what Adam likes. And he said it was incredibly soft. Status: Kept!

Buellton Chambray Shirt by Jachs
I loved this chambray shirt on Adam! It was a really great color on him (hard to tell by this pic). While the buttoned-up style is a little dressier than his norm, the denim chambray material made it appear pretty casual. Surprisingly, Adam really liked it as well. He rolled up the sleeves and paired it with a dark pair of jeans and he looked great. Practically date-night ready! However, Adam hates wearing anything that makes him feel restricted. And he felt like if he pulled his arms tight enough, he would rip the shirt. Those darn muscles of his are just too big. Status: Returned

Legend Sneaker by Seavees
These sneakers were pretty close to Adam's typical style of shoe. But they felt just a little too tight on him so he had to pass. Status: Returned

Sooo what do you think? I'd call 1 out of 5 items a win for Adam! While not every item was his style, I think with a little feedback Stitch Fix will be able to send even more casual items next time. And believe me, there will be a next time. Hahahaha

Here is Adam's referral link if you'd like to schedule a fix for the guy in your life! Do you think your husband, boyfriend, dad, son or brother would like this service?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Play Structure - Phase 2

In case you missed it, I shared our awesome play structure with you all back in May here. This is what it has looked like for the last few months:
If you know Adam, you know that he is always thinking of ways to make things better, faster, more efficient, etc. In other words, he's always thinking up projects and making more work for himself! After noticing the kids weren't playing with the right side of the play structure, Adam began imagining a redesign. In place of the makeshift ladder steps and ropes, he created a whole new structure. There are wooden rungs for the kids to climb up on.

Which leads to a wooden platform. They can either go all the way to the top story of the play structure, or climb down to another step.

If they go down, there are 3 small levels to that lead to the floor.

From there they can crawl into the bottom level of the play structure, or turn right into a tunnel. I think it's a little hard to'll have to come over and play and see it in person!

The tunnel also serves as a large bench for seating. We used to have our 10-year old Ikea couch in the playroom, but we moved it out and now we are using this bench/tunnel for seating instead.

We bought a large foam pad for the top of the bench and we plan on covering it in fabric. I'm also going to get some large throw pillows to lean back against. And I talked Adam in to installing a window guard on the large window. Our kids wrestle a lot and this is a second story window. Makes this Mommy nervous!

In addition to the redesign, we hired my nephew Josh to paint a treehouse mural!
Isn't it amazing? (Adam added the lanterns)

I figured the playroom was officially done, but Adam had other ideas. One night be decided to install a hotwheels track along the walls. It starts at the top of the play structure, where the boys place their cars.

It travels along the wall, around the corner....

along the back wall, around the other corner.....

And in to a pipe that shoots the cars down to the floor. Every little boy's dream, right??

Our playroom has been getting so much more use lately! It's pretty fun, right?

Adam did an amazing job building the play structure! And don't you worry....there will be a phase 3! We already have big plans for the back wall of the playroom.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Trunk Club Review #5

After pulling out my box of maternity clothes a couple weeks ago I decided my maternity wardrobe needed a little refresh. I have worn the same maternity clothes through 3 pregnancies, plus I have lent them to my sister for 2 of hers. Some items have worn out, some are missing, and some I am just plain sick of.

I plan on requesting a Stitch Fix next month, and I am excited because they offer maternity items. But first I decided to request another trunk from Trunk Club because I have some referral credit stored up! They have an awesome referral program. If your friends sign up using your referral link and then spend $50, you get $50 in credit! Who doesn't love free clothes? Here's my referral link if you're interested in trying Trunk Club:

Just as a reminder, receiving a trunk is free! No styling fee or shipping fees. You can receive up to 15 items and you have 5 days to try everything on. You then request a UPS pickup and simply place your unwanted items in your trunk on your doorstep. Easy!

Ok, on to the clothes! For this trunk I requested maternity jeans, plaid tops, cardigans, and a pair of booties. I have a pair of tan wedge booties that I wore constantly last year, so I'd like a second pair to rotate in to the mix. Trunk Club has a very limited selection of maternity items, so I wasn't surprised when I only received one maternity-specific item.

Carter Plaid Top by Rails

First up is this incredibly soft long-sleeve plaid shirt. It's a size medium, and I probably wouldn't be able to button it closed by the time the weather really cools off. I like that it's a plaid pattern that also kind of looks like a chambray top, which I don't own. I can see myself wearing this when I'm at a normal size, but maybe right now I should focus on clothes that will fit my expanding tummy. I could always wear it open with a long sleeve tee underneath though! What to do? Status: Undecided

Sutton Bootie by Dolce Vita
Next up are these light tan booties. They are a half size too small, so there's that. (I goofed in my style profile and forgot to change my shoe size. I waver between a 9.5 and 10, but I'm definitely a 10 during pregnancy!) They are so similar in color to the booties I already own, so I will be returning these. Status: Return

Lela Nursing Maternity Dress by Nom Maternity
This dress is the only maternity item that was include in my trunk. I was SO confused about the top half. It is designed for nursing, and I just could not figure out where to place all the fabric. I finally got so frustrated with it that I ripped it off and decided it's a NO. Status: Return

SARTO by Franco Sarto Linden Block Heel Bootie

These black boots were a fun surprise! I saw them and immediately didn't think they were my style. Maybe a little too tough looking? I don't wear a lot of black, in both clothes or shoes. But once I put them on I really did like them. The only thing I wasn't sure about was the height. I know how to cuff up jeans so they lay just above the shorter booties. But these were slightly taller, and I wasn't sure how to wear them with jeans. I also think the bootie hits me at an unflattering part of my leg. Status: Undecided

Drapey Plaid Shirt by Treasure&Bond

Another plaid shirt, only this one is a size large. It will definitely fit for a few more months. Except anyone who has been pregnant knows that larger-sized regular clothes just don't fit the same as maternity clothes. Sometimes they look kind of awkward. I can't decide if I love the muted colors of this top. What do you think? Status: Undecided

Tripp Bootie by BP
The last item I got were these darker tan booties. I really love the richer color and they are pretty comfy. The only problem is that I need a size 10 instead of a 9.5, so I am going to request these in the next size up in my next trunk. Status: Exchange

So I'm obviously on the fence about a few of these items. Any input? Have you tried Trunk Club yet?

Friday, September 23, 2016

10 Years of Marriage

Happy 10-Year Anniversary Adam! It's hard to believe we've been married that long. And yet it's easy to believe, since we've been together since we were 15 and 16!

It's also hard to believe that 10 years ago today our bags were packed for Hawaii. Man, doesn't Hawaii sound really nice right now??

Over the last 10 years we've lived in 3 different places, had (almost!) 4 kids, and very few fights.

Sometimes I think back to the boy you were at 16 and I can't help but laugh. You've gone from this spontaneous boy who got pulled over all the time in your such a family man. You work hard every day and then come home and help me out with the kids. Life gets so crazy with work and kids that sometimes it's nice to think back....way back. Back to when it was just us. When I think about our life together I don't just think about our 10 years of marriage. I think about the 18 years of memories we share.

(This photo was taken the night we became boyfriend and girlfriend, at Adam's junior prom. April 18, 1998. When this photo was snapped he had already asked me to be his girlfriend, but I had told him I needed to think about it. So technically we weren't a couple yet. A few songs later I answered his question with a yes. And the rest is history!)

I love you so much Adam. I'm so thankful that God joined us together to share this life. Now let's plan a trip back to Hawaii, okay?