Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Early Terrible 2's

Oh my sweet Jenna. She is 22 months old today but really she might as well be 2.
Before you get the wrong idea, I wouldn't say her behavior is terrible.....but she is definitely showing a lot of signs of being a 2-year-old.

For one, she is getting sassy. She loves to cross her arms, stick out her lips and pout when she doesn't like what I'm saying. She says things like "No MINE!", gets upset if I don't give her the cup she wants, and hates sharing.

Jenna also loves to screech and scream when she's upset. Or you know, when one of her brothers dares to touch her.

And speaking of screaming, Jenna has begun having tantrums. The other day in Target she didn't want to stay in the shopping cart. Since her brothers weren't with us, I decided to test things out and let her walk next to the shopping cart. After she ran away from me and dumped my water all over the floor, I put her back in the shopping cart. Just a few months ago she would have calmed down easily and I could have distracted her. Not this time! She screamed through the store the check out lane, and the entire way home.

I think hanging out with this guy so much is rubbing off on Jenna! And I know this is only the beginning, because in my experience 3 is far worse than 2. Jenna, don't grow up!

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