Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Adam's Stitch Fix Review #1

I am SO excited to share Adam's very first Stitch Fix review with you! Stitch Fix recently started offering their styling services to men. When I heard this I immediately filled out a style profile for Adam and scheduled his first fix. All without him knowing. Haha.

Adam is not the type of guy who loves shopping for clothes. He dresses for comfort, and his lifestyle is extremely casual. He's worn the same types of t-shirts and jeans since I met him, and I know him well enough to know that I'm not going to change his style. However, I feel like he could really use an update to his wardrobe, even if it is just new t-shirts and jeans.
Adam and I opened up his Stitch Fix box together. I immediately noticed all the details that are different about the men's box. Instead of a minty color they use a dark forest green. Instead of soft tissue paper they use a heavier brown paper to wrap up the clothes. Very manly.
Adam's fix included a nice note from his stylist, as well as the style cards for each item he was sent. I begged Adam to let me take pictures of him modeling his clothes, but he flat out refused. Darn! You'll just have to settle for hanger pictures.
 Initial view of the clothes:

Brookline Puffer Vest by Flag & Anthem

I thought this navy blue puffer vest was really nice! Vests are so in style and I could picture Adam wearing this over a long-sleeve tee with jeans. It had a lot of nice details, such as plaid around the collar and pockets on the outside and inside of the vest. Adam's reaction when he tried it on? "I feel like a goober". Well okay then, I guess vests aren't Adam's thing! Status: Returned
 Brunswick Overdye Jean by Flag & Anthem
The color of these jeans almost made them look like khakis. But they were definitely a jean material. Color aside, the fit of these just weren't Adam's favorite. They were labeled a slim fit, and Adam prefers to wear his jeans loose and baggy. I thought they looked really nice, and not "slim" by normal definition. But definitely a bit slim compared to how Adam wears his jeans. These just weren't his style. Status: Returned

Baseline Triblend Crew Tee by Threads 4 Thought
This photo is making the top look like a basic grey, but it is really more of a greenish/greyish/blue color. Yes, it is a basic tee. But that's what Adam likes. And he said it was incredibly soft. Status: Kept!

Buellton Chambray Shirt by Jachs
I loved this chambray shirt on Adam! It was a really great color on him (hard to tell by this pic). While the buttoned-up style is a little dressier than his norm, the denim chambray material made it appear pretty casual. Surprisingly, Adam really liked it as well. He rolled up the sleeves and paired it with a dark pair of jeans and he looked great. Practically date-night ready! However, Adam hates wearing anything that makes him feel restricted. And he felt like if he pulled his arms tight enough, he would rip the shirt. Those darn muscles of his are just too big. Status: Returned

Legend Sneaker by Seavees
These sneakers were pretty close to Adam's typical style of shoe. But they felt just a little too tight on him so he had to pass. Status: Returned

Sooo what do you think? I'd call 1 out of 5 items a win for Adam! While not every item was his style, I think with a little feedback Stitch Fix will be able to send even more casual items next time. And believe me, there will be a next time. Hahahaha

Here is Adam's referral link if you'd like to schedule a fix for the guy in your life! Do you think your husband, boyfriend, dad, son or brother would like this service?

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