Friday, September 9, 2016

What I'm Reading #3

Here is the latest roundup of books I've been reading lately. There were a couple really good books this time, and one in particular that I absolutely LOVED!

Call The Midwife

This book takes place in the 1950s in London's East End slums. I really enjoyed reading the experiences of midwife Jenny. The descriptions of the awful conditions that women endured back then made me appreciate the place and time I live in! I only wish the book contained more actual labor/delivery stories. Overall an entertaining read!
The Perfect Suspect

This was a great little mystery that was very easy to read. Right from the beginning you know who the killer is. The question is, will they get caught? And who else will get hurt along the way? If you like simple mysteries you will love this one.

The Amish Midwife's Courtship
I think I've mentioned that I sometimes read Amish fiction. I like reading these books because they just make life seem so simple. My mom read this book and passed it along to me. While this wasn't the best Amish novel I've read, it was fun to read and a nice change of pace from some of the heavier books I read this month.

The Nightingale
This book was so good. SO GOOD. Definitely one of the best books I've read in a very long time. As in, I stayed up late and got up early to read it. As in, I didn't even want to put it down to take a shower. The Nightingale takes place in France during World War II. It is a heavy, serious book that will stay with you for a while after you finish it. Read it!!!

The Martian
Okay, so I am typically not a science-fiction kind of girl. I just don't like reading about things that could never happen. But when my friend recommended this book and I read the description, I was intrigued. The main character goes on a NASA expedition to Mars and ends up being stranded on the planet all alone. The entire book details how he keeps himself alive and attempts to get back to Earth. I did find myself skimming over some of the scientific mumbo-jumbo because that' just not my thing....but overall it was a really fun story to read.

The Matchmaker
This was an entertaining read that I read pretty quickly. What I didn't love about this book was the topic. The book centered around infidelity and illness.....two things I don't generally love to read about. I have read another Hilderbrand book, The Rumor, and that one also addressed infidelity. Maybe that's a theme among her books?

What good books have you read lately? I need new recommendations!

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