Sunday, September 25, 2016

Trunk Club Review #5

After pulling out my box of maternity clothes a couple weeks ago I decided my maternity wardrobe needed a little refresh. I have worn the same maternity clothes through 3 pregnancies, plus I have lent them to my sister for 2 of hers. Some items have worn out, some are missing, and some I am just plain sick of.

I plan on requesting a Stitch Fix next month, and I am excited because they offer maternity items. But first I decided to request another trunk from Trunk Club because I have some referral credit stored up! They have an awesome referral program. If your friends sign up using your referral link and then spend $50, you get $50 in credit! Who doesn't love free clothes? Here's my referral link if you're interested in trying Trunk Club:

Just as a reminder, receiving a trunk is free! No styling fee or shipping fees. You can receive up to 15 items and you have 5 days to try everything on. You then request a UPS pickup and simply place your unwanted items in your trunk on your doorstep. Easy!

Ok, on to the clothes! For this trunk I requested maternity jeans, plaid tops, cardigans, and a pair of booties. I have a pair of tan wedge booties that I wore constantly last year, so I'd like a second pair to rotate in to the mix. Trunk Club has a very limited selection of maternity items, so I wasn't surprised when I only received one maternity-specific item.

Carter Plaid Top by Rails

First up is this incredibly soft long-sleeve plaid shirt. It's a size medium, and I probably wouldn't be able to button it closed by the time the weather really cools off. I like that it's a plaid pattern that also kind of looks like a chambray top, which I don't own. I can see myself wearing this when I'm at a normal size, but maybe right now I should focus on clothes that will fit my expanding tummy. I could always wear it open with a long sleeve tee underneath though! What to do? Status: Undecided

Sutton Bootie by Dolce Vita
Next up are these light tan booties. They are a half size too small, so there's that. (I goofed in my style profile and forgot to change my shoe size. I waver between a 9.5 and 10, but I'm definitely a 10 during pregnancy!) They are so similar in color to the booties I already own, so I will be returning these. Status: Return

Lela Nursing Maternity Dress by Nom Maternity
This dress is the only maternity item that was include in my trunk. I was SO confused about the top half. It is designed for nursing, and I just could not figure out where to place all the fabric. I finally got so frustrated with it that I ripped it off and decided it's a NO. Status: Return

SARTO by Franco Sarto Linden Block Heel Bootie

These black boots were a fun surprise! I saw them and immediately didn't think they were my style. Maybe a little too tough looking? I don't wear a lot of black, in both clothes or shoes. But once I put them on I really did like them. The only thing I wasn't sure about was the height. I know how to cuff up jeans so they lay just above the shorter booties. But these were slightly taller, and I wasn't sure how to wear them with jeans. I also think the bootie hits me at an unflattering part of my leg. Status: Undecided

Drapey Plaid Shirt by Treasure&Bond

Another plaid shirt, only this one is a size large. It will definitely fit for a few more months. Except anyone who has been pregnant knows that larger-sized regular clothes just don't fit the same as maternity clothes. Sometimes they look kind of awkward. I can't decide if I love the muted colors of this top. What do you think? Status: Undecided

Tripp Bootie by BP
The last item I got were these darker tan booties. I really love the richer color and they are pretty comfy. The only problem is that I need a size 10 instead of a 9.5, so I am going to request these in the next size up in my next trunk. Status: Exchange

So I'm obviously on the fence about a few of these items. Any input? Have you tried Trunk Club yet?


  1. I really like the dark tan booties! Super cute. I hear you on the "larger than normal size" just sort of looking funky during pregnancy. I think the picture of you in the maternity dress is super cute! But if you it's just plain frustrating, tossing it is a good idea. I just signed up for Trunk Club! I am SO out of style lately. And my clothes are in a state of such shabbiness that it's just plain time to refresh. Thanks for the link!

  2. Oooh I really hope you find some things you love. In my experience they have a wider range of styles (and prices) than Stitch Fix, so it can be a bit tricky to narrow in on your exact style. But they allow you to preview your items and reject some right away, which I always do! Good luck! Did you ever have any luck with Stitch Fix?

    1. I didn't have luck with Stitch Fix. They switched stylists on me, and I ended up having to pay the styling fee because I returned everything one shipment. I was so mad because nothing lined up with what I had said I liked. I got three pieces from them, but only am able to wear two of them now. I signed up when I was still losing baby weight (and nursing), and the fit was hard at the time. I may go back to them because you have such good luck with them!

  3. Trunk Club recently instituted a $25 non-refundable fee per trunk.

    According to their terms of service: "Each trunk that we ship to you will include a non-refundable $25 fee that will be credited towards any purchase within that trunk (“home try-on fee”)."