Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Play Structure - Phase 2

In case you missed it, I shared our awesome play structure with you all back in May here. This is what it has looked like for the last few months:
If you know Adam, you know that he is always thinking of ways to make things better, faster, more efficient, etc. In other words, he's always thinking up projects and making more work for himself! After noticing the kids weren't playing with the right side of the play structure, Adam began imagining a redesign. In place of the makeshift ladder steps and ropes, he created a whole new structure. There are wooden rungs for the kids to climb up on.

Which leads to a wooden platform. They can either go all the way to the top story of the play structure, or climb down to another step.

If they go down, there are 3 small levels to that lead to the floor.

From there they can crawl into the bottom level of the play structure, or turn right into a tunnel. I think it's a little hard to describe....you'll have to come over and play and see it in person!

The tunnel also serves as a large bench for seating. We used to have our 10-year old Ikea couch in the playroom, but we moved it out and now we are using this bench/tunnel for seating instead.

We bought a large foam pad for the top of the bench and we plan on covering it in fabric. I'm also going to get some large throw pillows to lean back against. And I talked Adam in to installing a window guard on the large window. Our kids wrestle a lot and this is a second story window. Makes this Mommy nervous!

In addition to the redesign, we hired my nephew Josh to paint a treehouse mural!
Isn't it amazing? (Adam added the lanterns)

I figured the playroom was officially done, but Adam had other ideas. One night be decided to install a hotwheels track along the walls. It starts at the top of the play structure, where the boys place their cars.

It travels along the wall, around the corner....

along the back wall, around the other corner.....

And in to a pipe that shoots the cars down to the floor. Every little boy's dream, right??

Our playroom has been getting so much more use lately! It's pretty fun, right?

Adam did an amazing job building the play structure! And don't you worry....there will be a phase 3! We already have big plans for the back wall of the playroom.