Thursday, May 19, 2016

Our New Play Structure!

It's finally time to reveal Adam's latest woodworking project!

One of the things we love about this house is the large "bonus" room upstairs that we currently use as a playroom. It is big and wide open and has a large window. We spend a lot of time playing up there when it is too hot or raining outside. A while ago Adam got the idea to build a play structure in this room, but I said no. I loved all the open space in the playroom, and I didn't want to lose it.

Well he eventually wore me down and convinced me that there would still be plenty of space in the room for toys and playing. Once I gave Adam the OK, he got to work and the structure started to come together really quickly!

Our initial idea was a two-story structure with a slide and a ladder. After looking online our plans started to evolve.....

It isn't quite finished, but here is our play structure today!

 We bought the yellow slide online and installed it. Then a few weeks later Adam got one for free from a job he was working on! So now we have two.

There is still plenty of play area in the room:
 Adam ended up building a little attachment so the kids could climb up on the side. Our original idea was to buy rock wall rocks and attach so the boys could climb up on those. But who would have guessed they were so expensive and difficult to find? We ended up buying a rope and attaching it on the top. (don't worry, we plan on anchoring it to the bottom. I can just envision all sorts of accidents with a loose rope) On the actual structure are temporary pieces of wood for them to climb up and grip with their feet. A rock wall would have been so fun though!

Underneath this side structure is a little hiding spot for the kids.
 Inside the main structure we painted a piece of plywood with chalkboard paint.
One neat thing about this is that Adam built it to fit twin size mattresses. So if the boys wanted to use this as a bunk bed someday, they could do that!

Our next plans are to add color to the play structure. In addition to painting it, we are enlisting my artistic nephew to paint some sort of mural on the wall behind it. We are open to ideas! We are thinking some sort of tree house or jungle feel, but we haven't decided yet.
 So there you go....our new play structure! Want to come over and play?

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