Sunday, May 22, 2016

Jenna: 18 Months

Jenna Mae, you have so much personality these days! You've gone from this sweet quiet little baby:
To a little girl with a bit of attitude and a lot of sugary sweetness!

At 18 months of age you LIKE: being outside, rough-housing with your brothers, sweet foods, jumping in the trampoline, putting on shoes, climbing on everything, sippy cups

You DISLIKE: Your highchair, diaper changes, getting dressed
You are an incredibly sweet and fun little girl! You give kisses and I just taught you to hug. You stretch out your arms really wide and run into my arms. You also just started saying "sorry" anytime someone gets hurt or if you hear me telling the boys to say sorry.
Like your brother Lucas, you love attention. You demand my attention constantly, and you grab my face and shriek "MAMA!" if I am not paying attention to you. You even seek out attention from others. I see you watching people's faces, trying to get them to notice you and interact with you. You seem to have a little bit of Ryan's shyness and a little bit of Lucas' outgoing nature. You're perfectly in the middle!
You are throwing more and more food on the floor and you've begun to reject your highchair. Sometimes you scream and kick so I can't put you in. You would rather be on the move playing. When you do eat, some of your favorite foods are: scrambled eggs, salted sunflower seeds, yogurt, blueberries, rice and any sort of dessert.
You continue to impress me with how aware you are of everything. It's like you're listening to and understanding everything I say! Your comprehension and communication are lightyears beyond your brothers' at this age. You can complete most 1-step commands, such as going to retrieve items, putting items away, or helping me clean. (you love sweeping and wiping things) The other day I called to Ryan to get his cleats on  because it was time to go. You walked over to the shoe basket, brought Ryan his shoes, and then sat down to put on yours. What a smarty pants!
Daddy calls you stinker shing or little shing. I call you embarrassing names like honeybuns, sweet cheeks, and goo-goo.
You love playing with balls, and you're getting pretty good at kicking and throwing. You do have a baby doll that we got you for Easter, who you call "dolly". Unfortunately your naughty brothers got ahold of her one day and she hasn't been the same since. You still love her though!
 Your hair reminds me a lot of Ryan's at this age. Kind of thin and whispy, with wavy wings on the side.
Unfortunately you have a mullet, and I'm not quite sure what to do about it!

You have been sleeping really well lately. Falling asleep being nursed by 8pm, then sleeping until about 7am, usually with only 1 wakeup. You take a daily 1.5-2 hour nap.
As sweet as you are, you are developing a little naughty streak. One of your favorite words is "NAH!" (no). You shriek it with your cute little cartoon voice, so it's hard to take you seriously. But you do get your point across. Just the other day I told you it was time to get out of the trampoline. You pushed out your lips, crossed your arms over your chest and said NAH! Where on earth did you learn to do that?? I then asked you to stick out your lips for the camera and here is what I got......
I thank God every day for giving me a little girl to raise. You are so much fun and we adore having you in our family. I am anxious to see what you are like at 2! (But please slow are growing too fast!) Love you!

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