Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ryan's 6th Birthday Party

My big birthday boy had his 6th birthday party last weekend!
We invited a few friends and family and headed over to our local park.
After we ate pizza we did a water balloon toss! My sister was in charge of the games and I think all the kids loved them.
Next up was another classic....musical chairs!
I asked Ryan is he wanted to do a balloon race (where you run and sit on the balloon to pop it.) He told me no because it might hurt his booty. Ha. Well maybe next year!

Finally we did Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
Next it was time for cupcakes! I made my favorite white cupcakes and frosted them with vanilla and chocolate buttercream. Ryan went for the chocolate:
While Lucas and Jenna preferred vanilla.
Finally it was Ryan's favorite moment....time to open presents! He got some really nice things from his friends!
 It was a really fun party and I'm glad Ryan enjoyed himself.

Happy Birthday Ryan! We love you!

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