Friday, April 29, 2016

Ryan: Six

Happy 6th Birthday Ryan! My dear sweet hold such a special place in my heart. Exactly 6 years ago today you made me a Mommy.

I had no idea what I was doing then.....

And I still don't!

The biggest change for you this past year was starting Kindergarten! You come home and say the silliest and cutest things sometimes. The other day you had to bring a stuffed animal to school. You chose your San Jose Sharks "Sharkie". But then you got a worried look on your face and said "But I can't bring him, he's not an animal!" I assured you that Sharkie was a shark. You replied "No he's a predator!"

You've always been a shy little guy, taking a long time to warm up to new people. While you are still very reserved in front of adults, I have noticed you making friends pretty easily in Kindergarten. You have a few buddies who you play with every day and they are turning you into such a goofy boy! You never used to be so silly, but now you are making up for all those years of being so serious. It has gotten you into a little bit of trouble at school, but I believe you are still a very sweet little boy.

You showed absolutely no interest in drawing or coloring during your first 5.5 years of life.....but Kindergarten has brought out your inner artist! You love sitting down and making cards (and envelopes) for people. You draw little pictures and try to spell out sentences. You love cutting, taping and stapling your creations, and you can become quite absorbed in what you are doing.

You lost your first two teeth last month. Every day I see you wiggling your other front teeth, hoping to find one that is loose. You are anxiously waiting to get more money from the tooth fairy. You are fascinated by money lately, so I guess it's good timing that we bought you your very first piggy bank for your birthday. You will soon be earning your very first allowance!
You are such a good big brother to Jenna! You are her protector. If Lucas is bothering her you are often the first to jump in and grab her. You talk to her in such a sweet little voice and she seems very content with you, as if she trusts you.

Favorite color: Turquoise
Favorite food: Burgers
Favorite drink: Spicy Water (mineral water)
Favorite place to go: Chuck E Cheese
Favorite toy: Hotwheels
Best friend: Jenna (aww!)
What you want to be when grow up: Policeman
Favorite subject in school: Nothing

We let you chew gum for the very first time last month. I don't know if 6 years was a long time to wait to let you chew gum, but that's just how it worked out! I could tell you felt so grown up with gum in your mouth. Sometimes we let you chew a piece on the weekends if we have some.

You still crawl into our bed every single night and sleep with Mommy and Daddy. Sometimes I don't even notice when you come in. Surely some day you will stop doing this, and it honestly doesn't really bother me. I rarely get time with just you, so it's nice waking up and seeing your little body snuggled up next to me.
Tonight you requested burgers and ice cream for dinner, so that's what we had!

When I asked you what you wanted for your birthday you said "one of those ipad things?". Sorry buddy, you're not getting an iPad!

The play structure that Adam built (more on that soon!) is the boys' main birthday present this year.

Tonight you opened up your very own pack of birthday cake flavored gum:

A Star Wars art set:

And your very first piggy bank, complete with $6 inside.

You were SO excited when you found money inside!!
Ryan you are such a perfect combination of silly big kid and sweet naïve little boy. I wish I could keep you like this forever. I love you so much birthday boy!

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