Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Two Talkers

I've got two chatterboxes on my hands! Lucas is chatterbox #1. I don't think it's surprising to anyone that he loves to talk. But did you know he LOVES to talk? When I'm home alone with just him and his little sister, he pretty much talks to me nonstop. He has so much going on in his little brain and it just keeps spilling out. And if I do not give him my FULL attention with direct eye contact, he gets angry. And he keeps repeating himself over and over and grabs my face with his hands until he has my attention. Lucas has honestly had me on the verge of tears once or twice because I honestly couldn't get him to stop talking. I absolutely love him to pieces but sometimes my brain wants a moment of silence so that I can have a thought of my own.

And here is chatterbox #2!

Jenna's older brothers barely talked at this age (17 months). Ryan in particular only said two words at the age of two, and ended up in speech therapy. So to hear Jenna trying to say so many words just astounds me! Every single day she is saying new words and names. I can casually say a word once or twice, and next thing I know she is repeating the word. She is like a little sponge soaking up everything I am saying. Here is a list of some of the words she says, but there are so many more I am forgetting. Some of these words she does not say clearly, but she is very close. For example she can't say the "c" sound, so "cup" sounds more like "tup".

mama mommy dada daddy ryan ry-ry auntie lyla bella emma up yea more hat eye hair outside no (na!) vroom car cup doggy kitty hot ball shoes sock banana (nana) potty play

What impresses me even more is how much Jenna understands these days. I can give her a simple command and she will usually understand and do it. For example, if I say "Jenna go get your shoes and sit on the stairs", she will do it. The other day I asked her if she wanted to help me with the laundry. She said "YEA!" and went to find the laundry hamper, which she then dragged into the laundry room. She will throw trash away for me, and go searching for items that I ask her to look for. I can ask her questions and she will answer with Yea or Na.

I just love the age my newest little talker is at. Jenna is getting smarter and cuter each day. And the things Lucas says! He has the most creative imagination and is so good at recounting things to me, whether they be TV shows, books or real life. Between the two of them there is a lot of talking going on in this house!

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