Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ryan's 6-Year Checkup

Ryan had his 6-year checkup last week with his pediatrician. HOW is he almost 6?
Surprise surprise, Ryan is still pretty small! He was wearing heavy clothes and had just eaten a huge snack before being weighed.....but hey, he hit the 40 pound mark! Poor guy is the shortest in his class by far. I hope he rises above the 10th percentile at some point in his life. It sure makes him easy to carry around though! Here are his stats:

Weight: 40 lbs, 9 oz (20%)
Height: 42.7 inches (10%)
BMI: 58%

I asked the doctor if Ryan's small size could at all be attributed to his poor appetite. He said it's actually the reverse....Ryan's growth will drive his hunger level. I guess since he doesn't grow quickly he therefore doesn't get hungry very much. We discussed his continued pickiness when it comes to food, and the doctor said it sounds like a behavior issue, and nothing physically wrong.

Speaking of behavior, I addressed some concerns I have about Ryan's recent behavior. We agreed that something at school is probably bothering him and making him even more moody than usual. We also agreed that his little brother's behavior is affecting Ryan's behavior, so we will be following up on things with Lucas.

In true Ryan fashion, he refused to answer most of the doctor's questions. When the nurse came in to check his hearing he refused to make a sound to let her know when he was hearing something in his ears. It was frustrating but we finally decided his hearing is fine!

Thankfully Ryan didn't get any shots on this visit. The doctor prescribed him daily Zyrtec as well as a nasal spray for his awful allergies. They are already SO much better!

I'm so glad my big boy is healthy and strong!

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