Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Trunk Club Review #1

Okay, I know a few friends have been asking me about this so I'm excited to share this review today! I cheated on Stitch Fix and tried out a new styling service called Trunk Club. It is a personal styling service owned by Nordstrom.  It is similar to Stitch Fix in that you are sent clothes to try on, and you only pay for what you keep. However, there are some big differences between the two services!

-Trunk Club has NO styling fee. You literally pay nothing to have a trunk of surprise clothing sent to you. That right there was what sold me on trying it out. There's absolutely no risk.

-You receive anywhere between 5 and 20 items of clothing, from what I've read online. I only received 8 items this time, but I am hoping my next trunk includes more.

-You have a full 10 days to try on the clothes and decide what to keep and what to send back.

-Your trunk comes with a pre-paid UPS shipping label. So you schedule a pickup online and literally place your items to be returned on your front porch. Yep, doesn't get much easier than that!
Once you sign up for Trunk Club, you are matched with a stylist who will reach out to you via phone or email. You answer some questions about your style, body, and lifestyle. Then your stylist selects some items for you to preview online. If you don't want to receive some of the items you can "reject" them. Your stylist will then choose additional items to put in your trunk based on your feedback, but you won't be able to see these new items online. The element of surprise makes these styling services so fun!  Throughout this whole process you can send your stylist a message on the Trunk Club website anytime, and they will do their best to get back to you.

Because Trunk Club is owned by Nordstrom, they do carry more expensive brands. When I initially spoke with my stylist I let her know I have a lower budget, and that I wasn't sure Trunk Club carried brands I could afford. She assured me she would be able to find some affordable options for me, and I was pleased to see some lower-priced items in my trunk.
 Here is what I received in my first trunk!

Transcend-Verdugo Crop Jeans Nadeen by Paige Denim
I had told my stylist that I have a hard time finding jeans that don't sag off of me, so she told me she would send a premium pair of jeans for me to try. She said I could literally wear them for a few weeks before needing to wash them, and they would NOT sag or stretch. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to prove this theory wrong,  These jeans were sent in my correct size but were a bit snug and also too low-waisted for my body type. So they just didn't fit properly. However, I must note that these jeans were $179!! I think that's a typical price for "premium denim". It was fun to try them on but my budget just can't afford jeans at that price.

Neta Leather Wedge Sandal by Hinge
I had asked my stylist to send me some low-heeled strappy wedges, and the did a great job finding some. I just wasn't crazy about the color of these. I also found some very similar wedges at Payless the day before these arrived. I'm not sure if I'm keeping those either. You can see the Payless shoes below:
I don't know, they kind of remind me of hiking boots. Not a good look for wedges. They will probably be returned.

Clarissa Wedge Sandal by TOMS

These are the other pair of wedges I was sent. I've never owned a pair of TOMS but I've heard they are extremely comfy. And these were definitely comfortable! However, they just felt too high. Having little kids means I need to be ready to sprint at a moment's notice. I realize wedges aren't meant to run in, but I really think I can find a comfortable and practical pair. My beloved pair of blue peep-toe wedges literally fell apart the other day, so I'm on the hunt!

Heleen Floral Print Fit and Flare Midi Dress by BB Dakota
I'm looking for some casual dresses to wear to church or just to wear on a regular summer day. This was pretty but just just too formal for me.
 Sleeveless Drawstring Waist Dress by Caslon

This dress was better because it was more casual. However, I own a light denim romper that looks very similar to this. Also, I'm not a fan of the drawstring waistline because it just makes me look baggy.

Print Cotton Tunic Dress by Caslon
 Hmmm is it a dress or a nightgown? I love plaid but apparently not on dresses. Another fail.

I was also sent two pairs of leggings, per my request. Neither of them were quite right. So in the end I sent everything back to Trunk Club. (Without even leaving my house!) I'm hopeful that with a little feedback, my stylist can find some items more in line with my style. I'm going to give it one more try before giving up. There's really nothing to lose!

Let me know if you decide to try Trunk Club! I'm still figuring out how their referral system works, but I would sure appreciate it if you used my code when you sign up.  https://www.trunkclub.com/my/invite/LTRL4R

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