Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weighty Wednesday: Portion Control

Week 4 is over and it was an interesting week for my diet. I was trying to focus on portion control, but then I got sick. Most people lose their appetite when they're sick, but not this girl. I love to eat and food always sounds good to me. Ha! So I managed to photograph two days worth of food before I got sick. Too bad all these veggies didn't prevent me from getting sick! Here is what I ate:

Breakfast: Blueberries, Cottage Cheese, Coffee with a splash of whipping cream, and homemade Apple Cinnamon Granola. Recipe here.
 Lunch: A big salad with mixed greens, radishes, fets cheese, and a boiled egg. On the side I had two ak-mak crackers (did anyone else grow up eating these?), some cheese and a carbonated water.
Snack: A cutie! I also meant to grab a handful of cashews but got so busy with the kids I didn't get a chance.
Dinner: I was starving by dinner! I ate a big portion of Ragin Garlic Pork Stir-Fry (A freezer meal kit I made back in November), with a side of broccoli and cauliflower. Served with a glass of milk.
Snack: I made homemade whole wheat bread (recipe here) and I couldn't resist eating a slice after dinner with some butter. It was SO good I went back for a second slice.
Day 2 Breakfast: Slice of homemade bread with peanut butter, blueberries, grapefruit, and coffee with cream.
Lunch: Kale sautéed in butter and garlic, quinoa burger, and avocado and tomatoes in lemon juice. For the record, Adam told this looked like the most disgusting lunch ever. Too bad, it tasted great and was healthy for me!
These are the quinoa burgers I love from Trader Joe's. They've got a great southwestern flavor.
Afternoon snack: Half an apple (Ryan ate the other half).
I was feeling cold so I made a mug of this cinnamon tea Adam got me for Christmas.
 Dinner: Pan fried fish (sole), mashed potatoes (frozen from Thanksgiving!), salad, and raw veggies (cucumber, bell pepper, carrot) dipped in Caesar. I obviously didn't cook enough fish because I barely got any!
 Before bed the munchies struck and I ate a bowl of my homemade apple cinnamon granola with nonfat milk and a splash of cream. (I know I'm weird but I love a splash of cream on my cereal).
Whew, that was a lot of pictures! I think I did okay with portion control. I didn't go back for seconds like I used to do at dinner, so that was good. I'm happy to report I lost 2 more pounds this week!
Lbs Lost So Far: 12
Lbs Left To Lose: 19
I have now gone 4 whole weeks without any sort of dessert. I think it's time I added some back in to my diet because I'm feeling a little deprived! I bought a couple dark chocolate bars so I think I'm going to start treating myself to a little piece after dinner. I'm also going to allow myself one special dessert per week. Along with adding back dessert, I'm going to continue to drink lots of water, watch portion control, and eat lots of veggies. I'm hoping it all balances out this week and results in more weight lost!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


We've been a bunch of sickies around here. Ryan caught a cold last week and had a fever for a couple nights, and then I caught it from him. Mine has turned in to a cough that keeps me up all night. Surprisingly, none of us have been sick since last June, except Lucas. That's a record for us!
I passed the time by letting the boys take their first bath in my big bathtub. They loved it! (And made a HUGE mess. They kept climbing up the sides and jumping in.)
Then Saturday afternoon Lucas got a runny nose. Within a couple hours he was feeling warm and not moving. If you know Lucas, you know this is very unusual for him. He was miserable, just laying under a blanket whimpering. We have him Tylenol and then Motrin before bed because he was still really warm. Then he threw up all over me and the couch 3 times. Uggg. I took him into the shower and he fell asleep in my arms under the hot water.

Ryan and I are feeling better now, but Adam thinks he is getting sick. I'm trying my best to keep Jenna away from everyone so she doesn't get sick. It's hard!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jenna: 2 Months

Dear Jenna, Happy 2-Month Birthday! You are still just as sweet as can be.
Anyone who spends time around you comments on how calm you are. Although you do have your loud fussy times (evenings), you are still really quiet and easy-going during the day. As long as you are fed and well-rested, you are pretty content to sit or lay down near me and just look around at things. It is easy to forget you are there sometimes when I get distracted by your brothers!
One of your favorite things is to have someone talk to you. Your face lights up whenever I coo and talk to you, and you love to coo right back to me. You often say "ahh goo" after I say it to you. You can be crying one minute and then so happy once I stop to talk to you!
You are still quite petite, weighing just over 10 lbs according to our home baby scale. You are mostly wearing 0-3 month clothes with a few 3-month outfits now.

Stats from 2-month Dr visit: Weight: 10 lbs, 5 oz  Height: 22.5 inches
Your horrible infant acne is finally gone, but in it's place is very dry skin. Your entire head is flaking and the dry cold weather isn't helping it. Your Daddy says you have my chin, and you can see it well in this picture.
I keep saying I need to get you on a better sleeping schedule. And I do.....I just can't find the time to do it! When Lucas was a baby I used the Baby Whisperer's EASY technique. This is where the baby does the same 3 things every 3 hours or so at this age. Eat, Activity, Sleep, (You time). It was so wonderful once Lucas was on a good routine. But now I am so busy with your brothers that I have a really hard time taking the time to put you down for a proper nap. You sleep a lot, but usually in my arms or attached to me somehow. Once we buy a new video monitor I am going to try harder to put you down for naps in your crib. I don't feel ready to let you sleep in your crib at night, but I'm hoping to start doing that sometime in the next couple months. You slept 8 hours straight in your bassinet for the first time this week!
Your big brother Ryan calls you "Littles" and I just love that nickname. He is so sweet with you, always wanting to hug and kiss you, and just rub your little face. You are lucky to have two big brothers to protect you!
Bonus: Here is a little video I took of you a couple weeks ago!
I love you so much Jenna Mae!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weighty Wednesday: Vegging Out

Week three of my diet is over and I ate so many vegetables!  My goal for this past week was to eat 3 servings of vegetables per day, and I accomplished this on 6 out of 7 days. I tried to mix it up and make some new vegetable recipes, but I tend to stick to the same veggies over and over. We eat steamed broccoli at least twice a week, and kale chips often make an appearance on our table. I did try 1 new recipe this week that my friend Andrea shared with me....carrots strips roasted in some yummy spices. They were good!
I also made a double serving of raw veggies mixed with apple cider vinegar and olive oil. This was my number one craving while pregnant with Jenna!
 Shredded Brussels sprouts cooked in butter and lots of garlic.
My favorite frozen veggies that we eat on occasion when I need something quick: Cauliflower Romanesco Basilic.
When I'm just making kale for myself to eat, I love sauteeing it in butter and adding a huge scoop of minced garlic. I could eat an entire head of kale like this every day.
So what did all this vegetable eating translate to on the scale? I lost 2 lbs this week! (I knew I wouldn't sustain a 4 lb loss per week for very long)
Lbs Lost So Far: 10
Lbs Left To Lose: 21
My goal for week 4 is being more aware of portion sizes. I had a couple nights this past week where I ate way too much and it made me feel kind of gross. So I plan on taking pictures of everything I eat for a day or two this week to help hold me accountable. If I have to share it on the internet I think it will force me to eat really well!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Middle Child Update

Dear Lucas, you recently turned two and a half, so I thought I'd do a quick little update on you.  You are officially my middle child and I think you fit that role pretty well. You are definitely my wild child!  If I had to describe you right now in a few words they would be: Exhausting, Silly, Frustrating, Lovable.....I could go on and on.
Exhausting: Oh Lucas you wear me out. And I'm not just talking about your endless energy. You demand constant interaction and attention from me. And being that I'm kind of an introvert, this can drive me crazy! Sometimes I just want a moment of peace, but that is impossible when you are awake. Let's take a trip to the store for example. Even if you are the only child with me, I can't focus. You talk constantly. You demand that I look at things, and you will grab my face and shove it in the right direction so I will look at what you are talking about. You demand that I answer all of your questions. If I say "wait a minute" you only get louder and more persistent. You are definitely an extrovert who enjoys talking and making noise!
Silly: You are so funny Lucas. Your Daddy in particular thinks you are hilarious. When you aren't making me cry and pull my hair out, you are making me laugh. You have a running joke where you take your chair way from the table and then squat in the air and say "I wish I had a chair!". Your Daddy did this once and now you mimic him all the time and laugh at yourself.  You are extremely animated, especially in your play. You make your dinosaurs and cars talk and crash into each other with the silliest sound effects. You definitely provide a goofiness to our family that we wouldn't have without you!

Frustrating: You frustrate me to no end. Your tantrums are extreme and frequent. You demand to open the fridge door yourself, get the milk yourself, pour it yourself, and only in the blue cup......and then you purposefully dump it all on the floor. You frustrate me every time we leave the house and I have to strap you into the torture device (carseat). You make me cry in parking lots because I am often so frustrated and embarrassed by your behavior. Someday these frustrating qualities will be charming, right?
Lovable: Despite your ability to make me question my sanity, you are completely and totally lovable. Every time I ask you for a kiss you give me one on both cheeks. And if I dare step away with just one kiss, you will chase me down and make sure both of my cheeks are kissed! You do everything with reckless abandon, whether it's throwing a tantrum or showing your love to us. You have a true spark inside of you and I love you so much Lucas!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Weighty Wednesday: Hydration

Another week down, a little more weight lost! I succeeded in drinking at least 60 oz of water each day, and it surprisingly wasn't that hard. I also stuck with my goal of not eating any dessert. This one was harder this week, since I made cookies with the boys and they looked soooo good! But I stayed strong and no sugar passed my lips. I was kind of shocked to see that I lost another 4 lbs this week. My body is ready to lose all this weight I guess! I'm sure the loss will slow down the closer I get to my goal weight.


Lbs Lost So Far: 8
Lbs Left To Lose: 23

One of the things I've been doing is eating more vegetables. Other than mushrooms, I honestly can't think of a vegetable I don't like. My only roadblock to eating them is the time it takes to buy, prep and cook them. I've been trying to eat two servings every night with dinner. Usually a salad and a roasted or steamed vegetable, like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, or green beans. I also love kale and crave it constantly. This week I'm going to consciously try to eat 3 servings of veggies each day. This means I'll have to do some prep work in advance so I always have vegetables on hand and ready to eat. How many servings of veggies do you eat per day?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #10

My first postpartum Stitch Fix is here!
I am so excited to be receiving beautiful Stitch Fix clothes again! It is one of the highlights of my month.
For this month I requested sweaters long enough to wear over leggings, as well as some other comfy tops that will be nursing friendly. I upgraded my size in my style profile to reflect the fact that I'm still carrying some baby weight. I know that my new stylist paid attention to my notes because she sent me 3 size medium tops and 2 size large tops, based on how she thought they would fit my body. She did a fantastic job choosing clothes appropriate for a stay-at-home Mom! Here is her note to me:
Hi Stephanie, Congratulations on your new baby and welcome back to Stitch Fix! I loved your Pinterest board, it inspired me to find you the Filbert blouse by 41 Hawthorn. It tends to run small so I sent you a size up. It will look great with your leggings and will have the structure and shape you are looking for. I also noticed you have been looking for a plaid shirt to wear under your Sweet Rain vest. I found you a great top by Fun2Fun, it is 100% cotton and will be easy to wear and wash. The Voltaire cardigan by Caramela is another fun piece that will look great with your leggings and will add interest to your wardrobe with its gorgeous  details. Wear it over the Tamara top by Kut From the Kloth for a stylish outfit that is perfect for staying cozy and keeping up with the kids. Enjoy! Heather
Here are the clothes I was sent this month:

Dena Open Knit Sweater by Sweet Rain
I understand why she sent me this is almost long enough to wear over leggings and it's a good basic sweater for this time of year. However, it is just too form-fitting around my hips and a little too tight overall. I would have kept it if it fit better. By the time I have lost enough baby weight for it to fit, I won't be wearing warm sweaters anymore.  RETURN

Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse by 41 Hawthorn
I love this shirt! I actually pinned this exact shirt to my Stitch Fix Pinterest board. When I pulled it out and saw that it was a size L, I was hoping it would fit just a tiny bit snug. And as you can see by the picture, it is a little tight across the chest and hips. I'm okay with that! It will fit perfectly once I've lost more baby weight by the Spring. I love the color and structure of the blouse, and the details on the shoulder and elbows make it extra special. It's cute now with leggings and boots, but I think it will be even cuter in the warmer weather with jeans and flats.  KEEP

Voltaire Lace Detail Cardigan by Caramela

(These pictures are back from November 2013 when I received a cardigan very similar to the one listed above)

I love this cardigan...the color, the fit, the beautiful lace detail. The only problem is that I own a cardigan in almost the exact same color and style, without the lace. And I got it from Stitch Fix! (See above) I wish you could see the actual cardigan I received this has beautiful lace along the shoulders and upper arms. If I didn't already have the one pictured above I would definitely purchase this new lace cardigan. Instead, I talked my sister into keeping it because it looks really cute on her! KEEP FOR MY SIS

Torrey Henley Button Top by Fun2Fun
Another top that I like but unfortunately already own something very similar to in white and grey. While it is a bit disappointing to get a "wasted" item like this, I think it's a good sign that my stylist is choosing items so close to what I already own. She obviously has a good idea of what kinds of styles I like! RETURN

Tamara Split Neck Knit Top by Kut From The Kloth
One of my "rules" with Stitch Fix that I only buy items that are special and a little bit unique. In other words, I don't use this service to buy clothes I could get at Target.  However, this shirt is very soft, fits well, and is made by a brand I like. After looking through my closet I realized this top would pair well with a lot of my bottoms, including my bright blue skinnies from my first fix! I decided a basic black shirt would be a good addition to my wardrobe! KEEP
Overall I think my new stylist did a great job with my first postpartum fix! Trying on these cute clothes gives me even more motivation to lose the rest of my baby weight. I'm so glad Stitch Fix is back in my life!
Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? Here is my referral link if you would like to sign up!

Friday, January 9, 2015

(Half) Day In The Life: 3 Kiddos

Here is another "day in the life" post. I love having these on my blog to look back on and remember what each stage of my life with little kids was like. I'm only doing half a day because otherwise this post would be a mile long! Let's start off with late last night:

11pm: Baby Jenna does not want to go to sleep tonight! She finally falls asleep at 11 next to me in bed and I promptly pass out as well.

3am: I wake up to a repetitive banging sound. It is Lucas slamming his head against the hallway wall. He was mad because Ryan had climbed into his bed and pushed him out. Adam gets up and puts both boys back in their respective beds.

3:15am: Jenna is awake. I get up and change her and climb back in to bed to feed her. I browse the internet to keep myself awake and end up buying a cheap pair of skinny jeans from I say a prayer that they fit because I am tired of wearing leggings every day!

4am: Jenna is asleep in her bassinet but I am wide awake. I toss and turn until I fall asleep around 4:45.

6:15am: The boys are up and racing up and down the hallway. Adam is up taking a shower. Jenna wakes up so I nurse her in bed for a few minutes.

7am: I put Jenna in her swing and put on makeup and clothes in 5 minutes flat. (I'm wearing one of my new Stitch Fix shirts!) Adam snaps my picture and leaves for work.
Jenna has a blowout in her diaper so I change and wipe her down and change her sheets on her changing table.

 7:15 - 8:00 - I fix a smoothie, sausage and cheerios for Lucas. Ryan eats some sausage and cheerios. I eat a whole wheat pita with peanut butter and jelly and a big cup of coffee. I love our new Keurig! Jenna is fussy so I nurse her at the table while we eat.

8am - The boys play in the playroom while I start a load of laundry and then get them dressed. My new friend gave me a blend of essential oils that is supposed to prevent illness. (It's called a "flu bomb" I think). I rub this on the boys' feet before getting their socks and shoes on. They smell like tea tree oil.

8:30 - We walk down the court to drop Ryan off at preschool. The boys put up a fight and run away from me when it's time to leave, but I tell them we will make cookies later if they behave. My bribe works.

8:30 - 9:30 - I walk to the local grocery store with Lucas and Jenna. I love having it so close! Lucas throws a little tantrum on the way there because I didn't turn left when he wanted me to. Jenna falls asleep on me in the baby carrier during our 5 minute walk to the store.
Adam is out of creamer and can't drink his coffee without it. I buy cream with ambitious plans of making him homemade creamer. We'll see if that happens. I pick up a few other essentials.
We walk past the Kindergarten class on our way home. It's hard to believe Ryan will be going to school here in the Fall!

9:30 - 10:30 - I unload the groceries and start my second laundry load of the day. Lucas asks to watch Donald Duck and I let him so I can get some cleaning done. I call a local flooring company to get a quote on carpet for our living room. I load the dishwasher, sweep the kitchen and make the beds upstairs. While I'm tidying up the house I listen to a video from the Mob Society (Mothers of Boys), titled "How To Keep From Losing It When Your Boys Won't Obey". It is part of a series on how to "Fight for your Hard-To-Handle Boys". Could there be a more perfect video for me to watch? I don't think so.

10:30 - My back is aching and Jenna is waking up so I take her out of the carrier. I eat a couple big spoonfuls of cottage cheese and then nurse Jenna in the playroom while Lucas plays.

11am - We walk down the street to pick up Ryan from preschool. He had a great morning there!
11-11:30 - This is a crazy time. Ryan is hungry and Lucas is getting whiny and tired. Jenna is fussing so I sit down to finish nursing her. Ryan throws a remote at Lucas and gets a timeout.

11:45 - The boys sit down to eat. Ryan has cheese, triscuits, lunchmeat and apple slices. Lucas eats crackers and raisins.
Ryan calls his brother a mean name and gets another timeout. Jenna is crying but between fixing lunches and giving timeouts, I can't give her much attention. Lunchtime is loud.  The boys are climbing on the table, throwing crackers, and spilling their drinks. I am starting to turn into "Mean Mommy". I place Jenna in her lamby seat right behind me so I can fix my lunch.  I turn around and she starts screaming a scream I have never heard before. Lucas had thrown his shoe at her! I am so upset with him. I pick up Jenna and make sure she is okay, and then chase Lucas around the house twice before I catch him. He is disciplined and put down for his nap early.
12pm - Jenna is screaming downstairs. I calm her down and then proceed to put Lucas back in his room three times before he stays in there for his nap. I put Ryan in the playroom for quiet time and swaddle Jenna for her nap. I've been trying hard to get her on a good sleep schedule but it is proving difficult. I walk around the room holding her and singing to her. After a few failed attempts I get her to sleep in her crib just after 12:30. Woohoo!  I check on Lucas...he is asleep on his floor bundled in his blanket. Ryan is asking for nachos so I bring him downstairs with me.

12:45 - I come downstairs and let out an audible sigh. The house is a wreck. Little boy shoes and socks and jackets are everywhere. Ryan's backpack and Adam's slippers are in the kitchen. The entire contents of Jenna's diaper bag are spread all over the couch. The dustpan is sitting on the kitchen counter (yuck!). Ryan's preschool papers from the week are on the dining room table, along with two-day old playdoh. I choose to ignore the mess for now and fix my lunch and Ryan's nachos. Unfortunately he calls me a mean name and gets sent to the downstairs bedroom for a long timeout.
I sweep the kitchen again. I'm pretty sure we could feed a family with the crumbs off our floor.

I'll stop here.....I don't want this to turn in to a list of the naughty things my boys did today. We had some rough patches but it was overall a great day. We did make cookies this afternoon (with cousin Emma!) and I am so glad it is Friday! These boys drive me crazy sometimes but I also love them to pieces and someday I will miss these days I had at home with them.