Tuesday, January 27, 2015


We've been a bunch of sickies around here. Ryan caught a cold last week and had a fever for a couple nights, and then I caught it from him. Mine has turned in to a cough that keeps me up all night. Surprisingly, none of us have been sick since last June, except Lucas. That's a record for us!
I passed the time by letting the boys take their first bath in my big bathtub. They loved it! (And made a HUGE mess. They kept climbing up the sides and jumping in.)
Then Saturday afternoon Lucas got a runny nose. Within a couple hours he was feeling warm and not moving. If you know Lucas, you know this is very unusual for him. He was miserable, just laying under a blanket whimpering. We have him Tylenol and then Motrin before bed because he was still really warm. Then he threw up all over me and the couch 3 times. Uggg. I took him into the shower and he fell asleep in my arms under the hot water.

Ryan and I are feeling better now, but Adam thinks he is getting sick. I'm trying my best to keep Jenna away from everyone so she doesn't get sick. It's hard!

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