Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jenna: 2 Months

Dear Jenna, Happy 2-Month Birthday! You are still just as sweet as can be.
Anyone who spends time around you comments on how calm you are. Although you do have your loud fussy times (evenings), you are still really quiet and easy-going during the day. As long as you are fed and well-rested, you are pretty content to sit or lay down near me and just look around at things. It is easy to forget you are there sometimes when I get distracted by your brothers!
One of your favorite things is to have someone talk to you. Your face lights up whenever I coo and talk to you, and you love to coo right back to me. You often say "ahh goo" after I say it to you. You can be crying one minute and then so happy once I stop to talk to you!
You are still quite petite, weighing just over 10 lbs according to our home baby scale. You are mostly wearing 0-3 month clothes with a few 3-month outfits now.

Stats from 2-month Dr visit: Weight: 10 lbs, 5 oz  Height: 22.5 inches
Your horrible infant acne is finally gone, but in it's place is very dry skin. Your entire head is flaking and the dry cold weather isn't helping it. Your Daddy says you have my chin, and you can see it well in this picture.
I keep saying I need to get you on a better sleeping schedule. And I do.....I just can't find the time to do it! When Lucas was a baby I used the Baby Whisperer's EASY technique. This is where the baby does the same 3 things every 3 hours or so at this age. Eat, Activity, Sleep, (You time). It was so wonderful once Lucas was on a good routine. But now I am so busy with your brothers that I have a really hard time taking the time to put you down for a proper nap. You sleep a lot, but usually in my arms or attached to me somehow. Once we buy a new video monitor I am going to try harder to put you down for naps in your crib. I don't feel ready to let you sleep in your crib at night, but I'm hoping to start doing that sometime in the next couple months. You slept 8 hours straight in your bassinet for the first time this week!
Your big brother Ryan calls you "Littles" and I just love that nickname. He is so sweet with you, always wanting to hug and kiss you, and just rub your little face. You are lucky to have two big brothers to protect you!
Bonus: Here is a little video I took of you a couple weeks ago!
I love you so much Jenna Mae!

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