Monday, January 12, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #10

My first postpartum Stitch Fix is here!
I am so excited to be receiving beautiful Stitch Fix clothes again! It is one of the highlights of my month.
For this month I requested sweaters long enough to wear over leggings, as well as some other comfy tops that will be nursing friendly. I upgraded my size in my style profile to reflect the fact that I'm still carrying some baby weight. I know that my new stylist paid attention to my notes because she sent me 3 size medium tops and 2 size large tops, based on how she thought they would fit my body. She did a fantastic job choosing clothes appropriate for a stay-at-home Mom! Here is her note to me:
Hi Stephanie, Congratulations on your new baby and welcome back to Stitch Fix! I loved your Pinterest board, it inspired me to find you the Filbert blouse by 41 Hawthorn. It tends to run small so I sent you a size up. It will look great with your leggings and will have the structure and shape you are looking for. I also noticed you have been looking for a plaid shirt to wear under your Sweet Rain vest. I found you a great top by Fun2Fun, it is 100% cotton and will be easy to wear and wash. The Voltaire cardigan by Caramela is another fun piece that will look great with your leggings and will add interest to your wardrobe with its gorgeous  details. Wear it over the Tamara top by Kut From the Kloth for a stylish outfit that is perfect for staying cozy and keeping up with the kids. Enjoy! Heather
Here are the clothes I was sent this month:

Dena Open Knit Sweater by Sweet Rain
I understand why she sent me this is almost long enough to wear over leggings and it's a good basic sweater for this time of year. However, it is just too form-fitting around my hips and a little too tight overall. I would have kept it if it fit better. By the time I have lost enough baby weight for it to fit, I won't be wearing warm sweaters anymore.  RETURN

Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse by 41 Hawthorn
I love this shirt! I actually pinned this exact shirt to my Stitch Fix Pinterest board. When I pulled it out and saw that it was a size L, I was hoping it would fit just a tiny bit snug. And as you can see by the picture, it is a little tight across the chest and hips. I'm okay with that! It will fit perfectly once I've lost more baby weight by the Spring. I love the color and structure of the blouse, and the details on the shoulder and elbows make it extra special. It's cute now with leggings and boots, but I think it will be even cuter in the warmer weather with jeans and flats.  KEEP

Voltaire Lace Detail Cardigan by Caramela

(These pictures are back from November 2013 when I received a cardigan very similar to the one listed above)

I love this cardigan...the color, the fit, the beautiful lace detail. The only problem is that I own a cardigan in almost the exact same color and style, without the lace. And I got it from Stitch Fix! (See above) I wish you could see the actual cardigan I received this has beautiful lace along the shoulders and upper arms. If I didn't already have the one pictured above I would definitely purchase this new lace cardigan. Instead, I talked my sister into keeping it because it looks really cute on her! KEEP FOR MY SIS

Torrey Henley Button Top by Fun2Fun
Another top that I like but unfortunately already own something very similar to in white and grey. While it is a bit disappointing to get a "wasted" item like this, I think it's a good sign that my stylist is choosing items so close to what I already own. She obviously has a good idea of what kinds of styles I like! RETURN

Tamara Split Neck Knit Top by Kut From The Kloth
One of my "rules" with Stitch Fix that I only buy items that are special and a little bit unique. In other words, I don't use this service to buy clothes I could get at Target.  However, this shirt is very soft, fits well, and is made by a brand I like. After looking through my closet I realized this top would pair well with a lot of my bottoms, including my bright blue skinnies from my first fix! I decided a basic black shirt would be a good addition to my wardrobe! KEEP
Overall I think my new stylist did a great job with my first postpartum fix! Trying on these cute clothes gives me even more motivation to lose the rest of my baby weight. I'm so glad Stitch Fix is back in my life!
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