Sunday, January 4, 2015


My first-born starts preschool tomorrow. Where has the time gone?
I started searching for a preschool for Ryan in Rocklin before we even moved. For a variety of reasons I had avoided putting him in a formal preschool setting back in the Bay Area. But I felt like it was finally time to get him in something before he starts Kindergarten this Fall. So I researched and toured a variety of schools once we moved, but couldn't find anything that fit what I was looking for! Every school was either too expensive, too far away, or full.
But then I found the perfect answer. An in-home preschool right on our court! I will literally walk Ryan halfway down the court for preschool. It could not be more ideal for us. Talk about an answer to prayer. It is close, affordable, and there is one spot open for Ryan.
I think preschool will be really good for Ryan. Not only will it prepare him a bit for Kindergarten next year, but it will help him make new friends up here. He recently told me that he liked our old house better because "All the people were there". I asked him who the people were and he said "my friends". That about broke my heart. It has been kind of lonely up here, especially with having a newborn in the winter and not being able to go out much. I didn't realize Ryan was feeling the same way as me. So I'm really hoping he finds some good friends in his preschool class.
Preschool will also be good for Lucas because it will give him time at home without his brother....hence, no fighting! I'm hoping a little time apart will make my boys appreciate each other more. I can hope, right?

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