Friday, January 9, 2015

(Half) Day In The Life: 3 Kiddos

Here is another "day in the life" post. I love having these on my blog to look back on and remember what each stage of my life with little kids was like. I'm only doing half a day because otherwise this post would be a mile long! Let's start off with late last night:

11pm: Baby Jenna does not want to go to sleep tonight! She finally falls asleep at 11 next to me in bed and I promptly pass out as well.

3am: I wake up to a repetitive banging sound. It is Lucas slamming his head against the hallway wall. He was mad because Ryan had climbed into his bed and pushed him out. Adam gets up and puts both boys back in their respective beds.

3:15am: Jenna is awake. I get up and change her and climb back in to bed to feed her. I browse the internet to keep myself awake and end up buying a cheap pair of skinny jeans from I say a prayer that they fit because I am tired of wearing leggings every day!

4am: Jenna is asleep in her bassinet but I am wide awake. I toss and turn until I fall asleep around 4:45.

6:15am: The boys are up and racing up and down the hallway. Adam is up taking a shower. Jenna wakes up so I nurse her in bed for a few minutes.

7am: I put Jenna in her swing and put on makeup and clothes in 5 minutes flat. (I'm wearing one of my new Stitch Fix shirts!) Adam snaps my picture and leaves for work.
Jenna has a blowout in her diaper so I change and wipe her down and change her sheets on her changing table.

 7:15 - 8:00 - I fix a smoothie, sausage and cheerios for Lucas. Ryan eats some sausage and cheerios. I eat a whole wheat pita with peanut butter and jelly and a big cup of coffee. I love our new Keurig! Jenna is fussy so I nurse her at the table while we eat.

8am - The boys play in the playroom while I start a load of laundry and then get them dressed. My new friend gave me a blend of essential oils that is supposed to prevent illness. (It's called a "flu bomb" I think). I rub this on the boys' feet before getting their socks and shoes on. They smell like tea tree oil.

8:30 - We walk down the court to drop Ryan off at preschool. The boys put up a fight and run away from me when it's time to leave, but I tell them we will make cookies later if they behave. My bribe works.

8:30 - 9:30 - I walk to the local grocery store with Lucas and Jenna. I love having it so close! Lucas throws a little tantrum on the way there because I didn't turn left when he wanted me to. Jenna falls asleep on me in the baby carrier during our 5 minute walk to the store.
Adam is out of creamer and can't drink his coffee without it. I buy cream with ambitious plans of making him homemade creamer. We'll see if that happens. I pick up a few other essentials.
We walk past the Kindergarten class on our way home. It's hard to believe Ryan will be going to school here in the Fall!

9:30 - 10:30 - I unload the groceries and start my second laundry load of the day. Lucas asks to watch Donald Duck and I let him so I can get some cleaning done. I call a local flooring company to get a quote on carpet for our living room. I load the dishwasher, sweep the kitchen and make the beds upstairs. While I'm tidying up the house I listen to a video from the Mob Society (Mothers of Boys), titled "How To Keep From Losing It When Your Boys Won't Obey". It is part of a series on how to "Fight for your Hard-To-Handle Boys". Could there be a more perfect video for me to watch? I don't think so.

10:30 - My back is aching and Jenna is waking up so I take her out of the carrier. I eat a couple big spoonfuls of cottage cheese and then nurse Jenna in the playroom while Lucas plays.

11am - We walk down the street to pick up Ryan from preschool. He had a great morning there!
11-11:30 - This is a crazy time. Ryan is hungry and Lucas is getting whiny and tired. Jenna is fussing so I sit down to finish nursing her. Ryan throws a remote at Lucas and gets a timeout.

11:45 - The boys sit down to eat. Ryan has cheese, triscuits, lunchmeat and apple slices. Lucas eats crackers and raisins.
Ryan calls his brother a mean name and gets another timeout. Jenna is crying but between fixing lunches and giving timeouts, I can't give her much attention. Lunchtime is loud.  The boys are climbing on the table, throwing crackers, and spilling their drinks. I am starting to turn into "Mean Mommy". I place Jenna in her lamby seat right behind me so I can fix my lunch.  I turn around and she starts screaming a scream I have never heard before. Lucas had thrown his shoe at her! I am so upset with him. I pick up Jenna and make sure she is okay, and then chase Lucas around the house twice before I catch him. He is disciplined and put down for his nap early.
12pm - Jenna is screaming downstairs. I calm her down and then proceed to put Lucas back in his room three times before he stays in there for his nap. I put Ryan in the playroom for quiet time and swaddle Jenna for her nap. I've been trying hard to get her on a good sleep schedule but it is proving difficult. I walk around the room holding her and singing to her. After a few failed attempts I get her to sleep in her crib just after 12:30. Woohoo!  I check on Lucas...he is asleep on his floor bundled in his blanket. Ryan is asking for nachos so I bring him downstairs with me.

12:45 - I come downstairs and let out an audible sigh. The house is a wreck. Little boy shoes and socks and jackets are everywhere. Ryan's backpack and Adam's slippers are in the kitchen. The entire contents of Jenna's diaper bag are spread all over the couch. The dustpan is sitting on the kitchen counter (yuck!). Ryan's preschool papers from the week are on the dining room table, along with two-day old playdoh. I choose to ignore the mess for now and fix my lunch and Ryan's nachos. Unfortunately he calls me a mean name and gets sent to the downstairs bedroom for a long timeout.
I sweep the kitchen again. I'm pretty sure we could feed a family with the crumbs off our floor.

I'll stop here.....I don't want this to turn in to a list of the naughty things my boys did today. We had some rough patches but it was overall a great day. We did make cookies this afternoon (with cousin Emma!) and I am so glad it is Friday! These boys drive me crazy sometimes but I also love them to pieces and someday I will miss these days I had at home with them. 

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