Monday, January 19, 2015

Middle Child Update

Dear Lucas, you recently turned two and a half, so I thought I'd do a quick little update on you.  You are officially my middle child and I think you fit that role pretty well. You are definitely my wild child!  If I had to describe you right now in a few words they would be: Exhausting, Silly, Frustrating, Lovable.....I could go on and on.
Exhausting: Oh Lucas you wear me out. And I'm not just talking about your endless energy. You demand constant interaction and attention from me. And being that I'm kind of an introvert, this can drive me crazy! Sometimes I just want a moment of peace, but that is impossible when you are awake. Let's take a trip to the store for example. Even if you are the only child with me, I can't focus. You talk constantly. You demand that I look at things, and you will grab my face and shove it in the right direction so I will look at what you are talking about. You demand that I answer all of your questions. If I say "wait a minute" you only get louder and more persistent. You are definitely an extrovert who enjoys talking and making noise!
Silly: You are so funny Lucas. Your Daddy in particular thinks you are hilarious. When you aren't making me cry and pull my hair out, you are making me laugh. You have a running joke where you take your chair way from the table and then squat in the air and say "I wish I had a chair!". Your Daddy did this once and now you mimic him all the time and laugh at yourself.  You are extremely animated, especially in your play. You make your dinosaurs and cars talk and crash into each other with the silliest sound effects. You definitely provide a goofiness to our family that we wouldn't have without you!

Frustrating: You frustrate me to no end. Your tantrums are extreme and frequent. You demand to open the fridge door yourself, get the milk yourself, pour it yourself, and only in the blue cup......and then you purposefully dump it all on the floor. You frustrate me every time we leave the house and I have to strap you into the torture device (carseat). You make me cry in parking lots because I am often so frustrated and embarrassed by your behavior. Someday these frustrating qualities will be charming, right?
Lovable: Despite your ability to make me question my sanity, you are completely and totally lovable. Every time I ask you for a kiss you give me one on both cheeks. And if I dare step away with just one kiss, you will chase me down and make sure both of my cheeks are kissed! You do everything with reckless abandon, whether it's throwing a tantrum or showing your love to us. You have a true spark inside of you and I love you so much Lucas!

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