Sunday, April 3, 2016

Play or Pause?

Ryan started his second season of baseball last month. He had a game yesterday and got to play catcher for the first time, which he informed me he did NOT like.

I mean, I really don't blame him. Why would you want to sit there and have balls flying at you when you could be running around with your buddies in the field?
The issue we're having with Ryan is that we can't figure out if he really likes playing sports. I fully believe that at this young of age, playing on a sports team should be all about having fun, building confidence, and learning social skills. It shouldn't be something a child is forced to do.

Every time I tell Ryan it's time to go to a baseball practice or game, he says "No, I'm not going". Every single time. And getting out the door with these three crazy kids can be a true nightmare. So sometimes I want to just say FINE, let's not go! I would never want to force Ryan to play a sport he hates.

But then Ryan seems to enjoy himself once we're at the game. He's not the most enthusiastic player on the field, but he's participating and having fun. Ryan is the type of child who definitely needs a little push. If it were up to him he would sit at home and never go anywhere! I don't want to be an overly pushy parent, but I feel like he just needs that extra encouragement (or forcing) to try things.
When we asked Ryan is he wants to play soccer again this year, he said NO. And we didn't keep pestering him about it. Lucas, however, said he wants to play! So we're trying to decide if it's worth it to pay the money for our 4-year old to play soccer. I think this guy would be a lot of fun to watch on the field.

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