Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

We intended to spend Mother's Day down in the Bay Area with our Moms, but Adam had to work yesterday. So we stayed in Rocklin and we are hoping to celebrate our own Moms soon!

Mother's Day 2016 began with Adam taking the boys downstairs to make breakfast. A sleepy Ryan grumbled "But I'm too tired to make Mommy dinner!" Then a few minutes later he ran upstairs and told me "Don't come downstairs yet! I'm making you something special for Valentine's Day." Haha sounds like Ryan is a little confused about his holidays (and meals!). I spent a few minutes getting ready by myself, which was nice for a change!
Ryan made me the sweetest card and picture frame at school, and then made me another card today.
Lucas gave me a potted flower at preschool this week. Today he made his own special card for me, complete with hearts. I'm thinking he got a little help with those.....
 Jenna didn't make me a card but she cooperated for a cute picture!

The boys also surprised me with flowers, wine and candy.
Then it was time for church! Jenna and Lucas surprised me by staying in their classes the entire service, so I actually got to listen to most of the message. (Ryan sat on my lap). Afterwards I went consignment store shopping with my sister and niece. I found a cute embroidered top, a military vest, and some wedge sandals. I've been looking for a comfortable pair for a long time. These weren't quite the color I wanted, but they were so comfortable and cheap ($13!) that I went ahead and got them.
When I got home, Adam took the boys to the park so I could have some quiet at home. I tried sitting and just relaxing because I figured that's what I should do on Mother's Day. But I finally decided I'd rather have a somewhat clean house. So Jenna and I got to work and picked up around the house while the boys were gone. Once they got home we practiced a little baseball in the backyard.
 And I tried unsuccessfully to get all 3 kids to smile for the camera:
After I ate way too much candy we decided to go out for dinner. My 2 requests to Adam at the beginning of the day were A) Have some quiet time to read and B) Not have to cook or clean up dinner.

I got dinner from Daphne's greek café, while the boys got chicken wings at Wingstop next door.
Here is my plate of deliciousness: Greek salad, Tabouli, Falafel, Gyro meat, Pita Bread, Tzatziki sauce.

Jenna went CRAZY for the tzatziki!
She dipped all her food in her container of sauce, and then grabbed mine and drank it. I don't blame her....I would have been happy just eating pita bread and tzatziki sauce for dinner. I guess I'll have to make some at home for her!
What a nice Mother's Day! I only wish I could have gotten to spend time with my own Mom. I feel so blessed that Adam took over many of my responsibilities today with the kids so I could relax and do a little shopping. Now I'm off to finish the great book I'm reading.

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