Monday, May 30, 2016

This Post is Contagious

It's beginning to feel like my kids have been sick forever. I guess that's being dramatic....this round of germs have only been here about 12 days.

Ryan got a stomach virus almost 2 weeks ago that lasted over a week. When he was in the middle of that, Lucas contracted Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Poor guy. He didn't open his mouth for 4 solid days. Our house was so quiet! Lucas had big sores in his mouth that seemed quite painful. He would start crying if he even breathed through his mouth. By day 4 he wasn't drinking or going to the bathroom at all, so I took him to the ER for dehydration. As I was carrying him in, I realized it was our 5th ER trip since we moved here 18 months ago. What is wrong with us???

Oh and while all this was going on, Adam sliced the palm of hand open at work (his dominant hand!) and had to get stitches.

Lucas got some magic mouthwash to numb his mouth and that stuff truly was magic.

Once Lucas got a little ice cream in him on Friday he began to feel better....just as Jenna was breaking out in the HFM rash. Her rash seems much worse than Lucas', although her mouth doesn't seem to be bothering her much. Her diaper area looks awful. She has had a few sleepless nights and clingy fussy days, but today she seem to be in a better mood.

Just in time for Lucas to be sick again. His tummy started bothering him last night and he started throwing up this morning. He also has a cough. I am just baffled. Is this the stomach virus Ryan had almost two weeks ago, or something totally different? Jenna's tummy is also bothering her, so maybe it is an awful side effect of the Hand Foot and Mouth virus?

My head is spinning from trying to remember who has had what, who is contagious, who can eat, who needs to stick to Gatorade, which set of sheets haven't been sprayed with Lysol yet......speaking of which, good thing I stocked up on Gatorade and Lysol at the store last week. I feel germy just writing all of this. When will we all be healthy for more than 2 weeks at a time?

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