Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Stitch Fix Review #24

Stitch Fix number 24 was quite possibly my favorite fix ever! I absolutely loved the styles and colors and details of every piece in my box this month. I left an in-depth note to my stylist of what I was looking for this month, and she did a terrific job picking out items that she knew I'd love. I requested casual summer items such as tanks, shorts, a pair of shoes, and a maxi dress. I'm so sad that my stylist Heather is leaving Stitch Fix....she has been my stylist for over a year now! At least she went out with a bang. If not for a few fit issues, I'd be very tempted to keep this entire box.

This cute little bag contains my first ever pair of shoes from Stitch Fix!

Here is what Heather wrote to me this month: "Hi Stephanie! Happy spring! I saw the maxi dress you pinned (thank you for telling me you didn't like the pattern!), I was able to find you the same dress in a different pattern that I think will be a great addition to your summer wardrobe. Try it on with the chambray sandals by Toms for a classic warm weather look! I also found you a fun pair of shorts by Level 99. At first glance, they may be a bit out of your comfort zone but they have a high waist and no cuff that I know you will love. The pattern will also add some interest to your wardrobe without being too obvious. Try them on with your favorite t-shirt and the sandals while watching baseball. Or add some edge to the outfit with the mesh knit top by Loveappella. I also found you a lightweight tank with the embroidered details you love, pair it with your cutoffs! Enjoy! Heather"

Here are the goodies that were sent in this fix:

Zoe Chambray Sandals by Toms
In preparation for this fix, I dug out all my spring/summer shoes from my closet and snapped a photo. I shared it with my stylist and asked her to send me whatever pair of shoes she thought I might be missing. I'm a very practical girl, and I only buy things if I feel like they fill a void in my closet. When these Toms sandals arrived, I was a bit hesitant at first. Adam thought they looked a little old-ladyish, while I actually think they have a very youthful look to them. After wearing them around the house I discovered how comfortable they are! Here's the thing about my feet. They are big. (size 9.5 or 10). They are wide. And I have no arch so my feet are flat. Adam affectionately refers to them as my flippers. It's hard to find cute and comfortable shoes! But I think I'm a new fan of Toms shoes because these are so comfy! Status: KEEPING

Cindie Linen Printed Short by Level 99

Heather mentioned that these floral shorts might push me out of my comfort zone, but I actually love printed shorts! I just bought my first pair last week at TJ Maxx, although they look completely different than these. I was excited to try these on because I could definitely see myself wearing them. In hindsight I should have thrown on a black or grey t-shirt, because the outfit I'm wearing above just doesn't look right. I do love the style card outfit where they pair the shorts with a chambray shirt, but alas, I don't own one! Anyways, these shorts were cute but too large on me. I could pull them on and off without unbuttoning them. Status: RETURNING

Leisner Mesh Shoulder Knit Top by Loveappella

I pinned a ton of white shirts to my Pinterest Board that have interesting details, so it's no surprise that my stylist sent this to me. I love the way a bright white shirt looks with colored bottoms, so I tried it on with my orange shorts. I thought the Toms shoes also looked cute with the whole outfit. While I loved the style and versatility of this top, it just wasn't a flattering fit on me. It was a little too clingy around my midsection. I heard somewhere that the most flattering pose for taking pictures is to stand like a chicken, where you kind of stick out your behind and your chest and jut your chin forward. I was demonstrating this to Adam (see middle photo above), and he started making chicken noises. We ended up with a lot of really bad photos from this shoot! Status: RETURNING

Raimond Embroidered Detail Tank by THML
I love this top! I love anything with embroidered detail and I think Heather picked up on that from my Pinterest board. I can see myself wearing this shirt with white jeans, white shorts, or light denim shorts. It might even look cute with my orange shorts. In the Fall I think it would like nice underneath my mustard colored cardigan, with jeans and some brown boots. I love it and plan on wearing it often! Status: KEEPING

Shay Knit Maxi Dress by Gilli

Ok so here's the story on this beautiful dress. I have seen this dress in a variety of colors and patterns and always thought it would be a flattering cut on me. The top is supportive, it has the high waistband that I love. I was sure this would be a keeper, but once I tried it on it didn't look as perfect as I imagined. The first photo above looks cute. But if I stand face-on the material poofs out right at my hips, making me look more hippy. You can see what I mean in the last photo above. I tried covering this part up with my hands but obviously I'm not going to stand like that. This dress would look perfect with my denim jacket, but again, I'm not going to walk around covered up in a jacket all day. What do you think? I just can't decide if the hip area makes me look too wide. The dress itself is insanely comfortable and pretty. Status: UNDECIDED
One awesome incentive to keep everything in your Stitch Fix box is the 25% discount. I want to keep 2 items from this box (sandals and blue shirt). If I add on the maxi dress, those 3 items they end up being about the same price as keeping all 5 items and getting the discount. So I'm considering trying to sell the 2 items I do not want to keep. (The white shirt and the patterned shorts). I'm still undecided on the dress. There is a very active group on Facebook that buys and sells Stitch Fix items amongst each other, so I may see if anyone there wants to buy my unwanted items.

If you decide to try Stitch Fix for yourself would you please consider using my referral link?



  1. I also married my high school sweetheart! :) It seems that similar dresses to that one always run long (based on other Stitch Fix reviews that I've read). I got two sleeveless shirts in my last two fixes that feature embroidery. I love them. The only problem is they are both hand wash only! :(

  2. I like your items!! You need to get a chambray shirt.... you can wear one with so many things!! :) I think the maxi dress looks fine but it looks too long for you to me!

  3. Good fix. Love the sandals & embroidered top also. I like the maxi dress. I got a cute one in a fix last spring, but have yet to wear it. Hate it when that happens. I try to adhere to the advice, If I don't love it, don't buy it. Things are too expensive otherwise.

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