Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Day In The Life 5/16/16

I apologize that this post doesn't contain photos. The camera on my phone stopped working!! This day was a bit busier than usual. I felt like we were running around all day.

5:30 - My alarm goes off (I was planning on doing a 21 Day Fix workout) but I was up most of the night with a pounding headache. It also doesn't help that Ryan was sleeping in our bed, I could hear Lucas coughing a lot during the night, and I was up at 4am with Jenna. So I sleep in another 45 minutes instead.

6:15 - I throw on some workout clothes. I've started picking out my weekday outfits in advance, on Sunday nights. This makes getting dressed in the morning so quick and easy. Today's outfit is supposed to be my mint skinny jeans and a cute black tank top.

6:30 - I hurry to pack Adam's food in his lunchbox for him. He's working in the Bay Area today so he needs to get on the road. I also fix my breakfast of a boiled egg and a smoothie. (banana, almond milk, fresh mango, plain yogurt, ground flaxseed) I eat it while reading the daily Proverbs 31 Ministries devotional on my computer.

6:50 - Both boys are up! I fix their breakfast and pack up Ryan's backpack. He doesn't want to go to school (as usual), so I have to think of something exciting to encourage him to go. Today they have baby chicks that just hatched in his classroom, so that cheers him up.

7:15 - Jenna is up. I get Ryan dressed and feed Jenna and myself. We're out the door in 20 minutes to walk to school.

7:50 - Ryan goes into school and I push the two littles in the double stroller on a walk. We end up walking to the "sand park", which is a good 15 minute walk. Neither child is wearing shoes and both are still in their jammies, but I let them out to play for a while because the entire park is covered in sand. The weather is beautiful!

9:00 - We arrive back home. I start a load of laundry, empty all the trash cans, get the kids dressed, make my bed and clean up the bedrooms. I vacuum downstairs and then start on the kitchen. While I do dishes Jenna sits in her highchair eating apple slices dipped in peanut butter. She ends up COVERED in peanut butter but she sure loved this snack! I share a little of her snack. Meanwhile Lucas jabbers nonstop about bad guys and light sabers. I decide to stay in my workout clothes for the day because there's no time to shower.

10:30 - We are headed out again. We swing by the USPS mailbox to return my Stitch Fix package. Next we go to a nearby store to look for a few presents. It is called Deer Creek Farm and they sell an assortment of antique looking decorations, as well as baby items, kitchen items and outdoor things. We find a gift for 1 of the 3 people on our list. Lucas has a hard time not touching everything but overall he behaves pretty well! On the way home the AC in my car is acting strange and not working properly. Great.

11:30 - I turn on The Lion Guard for Lucas to watch while I put Jenna down for her nap. She resists and I end up leaving her in her crib crying, hoping she will fall asleep soon. I have to pick up Ryan from school at 1:20 so I always have to put her down early enough to get a decent nap before then. She finally falls asleep right at noon.

12:00 - Lucas eats an applesauce pouch and then pees all over the bathroom floor. He has been having a TON of accidents lately. I run upstairs to get him new clothes and remember I need to wash Ryan's baseball uniform for today's game. I start a load of the boys' laundry and get the pee cleaned up.

12:15 - I'm starving. I throw our last piece of cod into the oven with some spices on top. On the side I fix a quick salad of shredded cabbage, tomatoes and avocado. Lucas goes outside with his squirt gun. I put dinner in the crockpot. It's a smoked sausage soup that I assembled last month and put in the freezer. One of my friends made this a couple years ago for our freezer swap group (I miss that so much!!) and Adam and I really enjoyed it then. I'm hoping it's as good this time!

12:30 - I sit down to eat and crack open my book. This one is SO good and I'm hoping for 10 minutes of quiet to eat and read. I manage to read a few pages but then Lucas sees a fly in the house and decides he is deathly afraid of it. I get it out of the house but Lucas insists on practically sitting on my lap while I eat lunch. It's pretty cute. The bonus is snagging a few of his potato chips!

12:45 - I head out front to quickly clean out my car. Lucas changes into his rain boots to help me. (makes perfect sense, right?) I find 6 old sippy cups and lots of other forgotten "treasures" in the car. How do parents keep their car clean? Or do they?? We also water our hibiscus.....the driveway...the cars....and Lucas. Hey I guess he knew what he was doing when he put on his rainboots!

1:15 - I wake up Jenna and we walk over to school to get Ryan. At home he eats a granola bar while I quiz him on his sight words. Then we're out the door again to take Ryan to his friend's house! I can't believe we're at the stage where I drop my child off at someone's house and just leave him. He's getting so big!

2:00 - Since we're already out, I swing by the grocery store with Lucas and Jenna. I feel like we've been spending a fortune lately on groceries. I guess that's what happens when you go to WinCo, Costco and Safeway all in one week! We're pretty well stocked up but we need a few basics to get through the week. We buy cheese, strawberries, bananas, eggs and salami. We also sample some Aidell's meatballs (carmelized onion) and purchase those as well. Jenna LOVED the sample! The sample lady commented that Lucas seemed like he was made of vinegar. Ahhh I guess? He was actually pretty well behaved!

3:00 - I pull up in our driveway and quickly put away the perishables. My headache is starting to come back so I grab some iced tea and a peanut butter chocolate Larabar. (delicious!) before driving to pick up Ryan.

3:30 - Back at home I realize that Ryan's baseball clothes are still in the washing machine so I switch them and hope they dry in time! I let the boys relax and watch some TV. All 3 kids eat bowls of cereal while I make a quick batch of cornbread to have later with dinner. I use this recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/moist-and-easy-cornbread-recipe.html

Lucas starts telling me his throat hurts, but he says it only hurts when he doesn't swallow. Hmmm I really hope he's not getting sick.

4:15 - I load up the car for baseball. 3 sippy cups, bat, helmet, glove, hat, stroller, change of clothes for Lucas, diapers and wipes. 3 kids and 1 mom. As we're getting in the car Ryan asks me why I washed his baseball uniform. He tells me "baseball clothes are supposed to stay dirty!"

5:00 - While I'm at baseball guess who walks up to me? My Stitch Fix stylist! We have never met in person, even though we both live in Rocklin. It is so nice to finally talk to her.

5:30 - Even though Adam had a 2-hour commute today, he managed to get back in time to see part of Ryan's game! He met us on the fields and helped me watch Jenna and Lucas. Lucas seems really tired and he keeps laying down on the grass in the shade. Jenna falls and scrapes up half her face. Ryan has a good game. He only has 1 game left this season!

6:15 - Ryan gets a ticket after his game to use at the snack bar. I try to convince him to use it on a hot dog, but he's got his heart set on an icee pop. I let him get it but we agree he will eat it after school tomorrow.

6:45 - We are finally home! I hurry to get dinner on the table since it is practically bedtime. We're having the crockpot sausage soup, which is full of delicious veggies, along with the cornbread I made earlier and some strawberries. Lucas eats 1 bite of strawberry, Jenna eats a little cornbread, and Ryan eats nothing.

7:00 - While I clean up from dinner Ryan does his online reading homework. Lucas is bothering him so Adam intervenes and gets attacked by Lucas. Lucas gets sent to his room but he won't calm down. I realize Lucas is overly tired by this point. I go up to relieve Adam, and I'm able to get Lucas calm. Adam gets Jenna ready for bed.

7:30 - I'm about to put Jenna down when I realize Ryan probably really needed a shower tonight. Oops. Adam is already getting the boys settled in bed, so the shower will have to wait until tomorrow. I rock and nurse Jenna but she doesn't fall asleep. I finally place her in her crib and she starts howling as I leave the room.

8:00 - I head downstairs and pick up all the random sippy cups, bowls, dirty laundry, and toys scattered everywhere. I sweep the floors, wash more dishes, wipe down the counters, and pack lunches for Adam and Ryan. I snack on a couple crackers and cheese while I'm preparing their food. I also crack some eggs and get out a few ingredients for breakfast in the morning. I'm hoping to actually feed Adam tomorrow before work, since I had to send him off hungry today. I'm planning on making scrambled eggs with black beans, salsa and avocado. It helps to do as much as possible the night before.

8:45 - I head back upstairs and find Adam sound asleep. He wakes up and helps me put away a couple loads of laundry. I finally take a shower, although Jenna wakes up halfway through. Adam is able to talk to her over the monitor and get her back to sleep.

9:30 - I'd love to paint my nails but I'm tired so I get in to bed to read my book. I'm hoping to get up early enough to workout tomorrow morning. I also plan on staying home tomorrow morning and doing some baking with Lucas. Today was busy so I feel like we need more downtime tomorrow. Good night!

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  1. I can't believe you met your Stitch Fix Stylist! :) Busy day but you rocked it!