Sunday, September 4, 2016

Ryan Rides a Bike

Ryan finally learned how to ride a bike without training wheels! I'm positive he could have done this a year ago, but here's the thing about Ryan. He doesn't like trying new things, he's stubborn, and he get frustrated very easily. Any suggestions to try riding his bike were always met with extreme protest.

Yesterday my Dad was up visiting and he offered to help Ryan. It took a LOT of convincing on my part and a lot of complaining on Ryan's part, but I finally talked him in to trying.
He started out on his 16-inch bike, which is the perfect size for him. But he decided it was too heavy.
We kicked cousin Josh off the little 12 inch bike so Ryan could learn on that.

They regrouped and talked about their plan.
 And within about 30 minutes Ryan was riding on his own!
Then he started leaving burnouts in the street and saying things like "Now I'm faster than Daddy!".

Here's a little video. Ryan is so proud of himself. Thanks for the help Grandpa!

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