Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jenna: 5 Months

Jenna, how can you already be 5 months old? Time is really flying by and I want to keep you at this age for as long as possible! You are just the sweetest little thing.
You are still such a content baby. You go with the flow, whether that mean having hotwheels zoomed over your head, or being constantly interrupted during nursing sessions because Mommy is needed elsewhere. I can set you down to run and break up a fight, and when I come back you are just patiently waiting for me, smiling and cooing. (Or undressing yourself!)
I started feeding you solids last week, just for fun. I'll probably do a separate post next month about my approach to feeding you because I'm trying to do things differently this time around. I started you off with homemade brown rice cereal. 
Your new "trick" this month is sticking out your tongue.
I had some setbacks with your sleeping habits this month. Once you learned to roll over I had to stop swaddling you because you would get stuck on your tummy. I dreaded doing this because I knew you wouldn't sleep as well. And I was right. It has been much harder to get you to fall asleep by rocking and nursing. One night last week I had tried everything and you just wouldn't go to sleep. I finally just placed you in your crib and left the room. And what do you know....you fell asleep on your own! You have done this about a dozen times since then, for both naps and bedtime. Yep, you're pretty much the perfect baby.
Despite how easy-going you are, there are some things that really seem to bother you. You hate being cold. You can't stand being separated from Mommy, particularly in the evening. You get mad when you roll over and getting stuck on your tummy. And you don't seem to like Lucas very much yet. (Ryan can always make you smile!)
Unfortunately you have discovered the television. And you love it. If the TV is on you will stretch your neck around in order to watch it. I'll turn you around but you still try as hard as you can to see the TV screen.
I just love your chubby cheeks! You fill our house with so much love (and pink!) and I love watching you grow each month.
Photobomb! See, I told you she's not so sure about big brother Lucas.

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