Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Weighty Wednesday: Stressed

These past couple weeks have been tough. Life with 3 little kids is just really hard. I have been having a very difficult time lately with my boys, and getting through each day can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. It makes me seek out something for a little comfort and enjoyment, and that something usually ends up being food. And of course when I'm feeling anxious and stressed I want the foods that aren't that great for me, like desserts or rich creamy cheesy foods.

I actually lost 1 pound last week but was too busy to blog about it. Unfortunately I gained that 1 pound back this week, which means I still have 4 pounds left to lose. Technically, I don't have any more baby weight to lose. I am officially at the weight I was at when I got pregnant with Jenna. So I could quit this whole weight loss thing now and be happy with where I'm at. But I set a goal back in January and I still want to meet that goal.

I need to strike a healthy balance. On the one hand I need to be kind to myself during this difficult phase with my kids, and give myself a little grace. Losing weight when you're stressed and sleep-deprived is tough. But on the other hand I don't want to use my kids as an excuse to not take care of myself. (Or an excuse to eat ice cream every night!)

Lbs Lost So Far: 27
Lbs Left To Lose: 4

I think the key to losing these last few pounds is going to be exercise. I feel like my body is really flabby and soft (hello, I just gained 50 pounds and birthed my 3rd child). Exercise could really help me to tone up a little bit. I was talking to Adam about this last week and we agreed to try working out together in the evenings. We have the P90X workout DVDs so we decided to try them. We had the best of intentions, but here's how it went. The first night I had to go out somewhere, so Adam was watching the kids alone. The second night Adam didn't get home from work until after 9pm. The third night Jenna was up until 11:30pm. By the fourth night we were both too tired to move, let alone do a strenuous workout.

I wish there was some sort of workout routine I could do easily with my kids around. I suppose I could try doing a workout at home on the TV in the mornings, but then I wouldn't be able to keep an eye on the boys. And trust me, they need about 10 eyes on them at all times.  I like the idea of a workout challenge with a time frame, like a 30 day challenge or 6-week couch to 5k program. Any suggestions?

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  1. I know how you feel Stephanie! I too am swimming upstream with the 3 kids transition!!! I have everything I need for a circuit training at home or at park, with kids around. It works, I just need to do it. So hard to just start a habit like that.