Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Baby Nullmeyer

Dear Baby Nullmeyer,

I know I've been telling you every day for the past month not to come early. You have been a very good boy and listened well to your Mommy! You gave Mommy and Daddy a chance to move into our new house and get settled. You even waited until week 39 to really start making me uncomfortable. I just know you're going to be a sweet, well-behaved baby.

But now your due date has come and gone. So I am officially letting you know that you can come at anytime. You don't need to stay in Mommy's belly anymore! There are so many people waiting to meet you out here. So come out and join the world!

If you're really not ready, then don't worry. I won't rush you. But my doctor might feel differently at my appointment tomorrow. She might even mention the horrible "P" word. Pitocin. You wouldn't want Mommy to have to be induced, now would you? Inducing with pitocin would bring Mommy lots of extra pain during labor. We don't want that. So come out soon, ok? Good boy. =)


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  1. I hope this works! If you saw my birth story, I tweeted to Neely that she was welcome to come at any time and my water broke that night!