Friday, April 9, 2010


OK time to complain. I am so fed up with my neighbor!! (Idiot condo neighbor, not new house neighbor. Whew!)

He is trying to make us miserable each and every day. I'm not going to go into the entire story here, but he is basically a stinky mean guy who sits around all day trying to make things as uncomfortable as possible for us. I was rudely awakened by him this morning, pounding on his bedroom ceiling at me. All it did was make me really angry, but poor Riley just about had a seizure he was so frightened. I don't think I have ever wanted to punch someone so badly in my life.

I have not only called our security company on him multiple times, but I have also written complaints, complained to the owner and even called the police. I once got into a shouting match with him last year, but all that did was confirm to me how unreasonable this man is.

So let me hear it! I want to hear your stories about horrible neighbors you have lived near. Maybe it will make my situation seem a little more laughable. At least we're moving out soon. One week. One week. One week. One week. One week. One week.

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  1. fortunately i've never had too much drama with neighbors. i mean, the ones next door to us have their tv on entirely too loud, like, ALL the time.. but i don't feel so bad b/c every time we're out of the house juno barks. so that gets 'em. lol. yay for almost being done with your icky neighbor!!!! can't wait to see your new place!