Monday, April 12, 2010


Adam is my wonderful husband who turned 29 yesterday! Unfortunately his birthday this year was not really celebrated due to the fact that we're moving in 5 days and having a baby in 2 weeks! But he never once complained about it.

Adam is a hard worker who lately has really been showing me what he can accomplish when he is determined. And he sure is determined to get this house ready for his wife and baby! I really appreciate the long hours he has been putting in. He is working full time and spending his spare time working on our new house. When Adam sets out to work on a project, he doesn't just do it half-way. He puts all his energy in to it until the job is done.

So I just want to let everyone know how special my husband is to me. I told him we'll have to have a real birthday celebration for him next year, when he turns the big 3-0! This year, I bought him a Chipotle burrito for his birthday dinner. And you know what? It made him really happy. =)

I Love You Adam!


  1. i bet he'll remember this birthday for a long time.. even though you didn't do anything 'special'.. it's the little things!

  2. That's how love is and isn't it a blessing!!! I too have a wonderful husband that I can't say enough about. Through good times and hard times the love just keeps growing. God Bless You Both!!

    Aunt Susan

  3. I was going to call you yesterday to wish Adam a happy birthday, but was sick. :( Boo! Well... Happy Belated Birthday to your wonderful hubby. :)