Monday, April 26, 2010


Our barbeque last night was a success!

Having this baby by his due date....not so much.

Seriously, I think this little baby has settled in and gotten nice and comfy. As far as I can tell, he has no plans for coming out any time soon. And today is officially my due date! At least I have plenty of projects to do to keep me busy as I wait. Our house still needs lots of organizing done, but it's definitely looking better! Here is our sparsely furnished family room. That couch will go into our living room once we buy a new couch for the main family room.

I am in love with my kitchen! We bought a movable island and Adam put it together for me the other night. Doesn't it look nice?

Our master bedroom is done, just needs some decorations on the wall now. Bassinet is ready and waiting!

I will post again tomorrow. If I don't, you know where I am!!

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  1. Your home looks lovely. Enjoy the sparcity. Before you know it you'll be dealing with clutter!!!!

    Aunt Susan