Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blog Changes

I have plans this week to make some new additions to my blog. While I love posting baby pictures and talking about being a new mom, I also want to write about other things in my life, such as weight loss and food.

My post-partum checkup is today, and once I know what my current weight is, I plan on setting a weight loss goal for the rest of the year. It will be something that I blog about every Wednesday, in a post titled "Weighty Wednesday". It's basically going to be a way to hold myself accountable and share my healthy tips with others.

In addition, I want to get back to posting about food and recipes. I love to cook and eat, but have not had much time to do either with a new baby. Every Friday I will try to post something about food....maybe an easy and healthy recipe, or a grocery store tip. I will title these posts "Foodie Friday".

I can't guarantee I will post these every single week, since having Ryan sometimes prevents me from doing anything! But I can promise I will continue to post cute pictures of Baby Ryan, and provide updates on how he is growing and changing. Right now I can tell you that he slept from 3:30am to 8am last night....the longest stretch ever! I'm not supposed to let him go longer than 4 hours without eating, but he was asleep and I was exhausted, so I just let him sleep. Bad Mommy.

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  1. Don't wake him on those long stretches! He's old enough now that it's okay... And you don't want to mess up a very good habit. Roman was sleeping through the night at a month. Then he went a few nights waking up in the middle of the night when I took the opportunity to feed instead of pump and it ended up setting a precedent! Not that it matters too much what you do--he already has a mind of his own and will determine his own sleep habits. Just try to enjoy those long stretches when they happen. :)