Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The "C" Word

It happens almost every night. It starts somewhere around 6pm, and lasts until bedtime, generally around 10pm. I dread it each and every day. It started sometime in the last 2 weeks. I fear it will never end. It starts out like this: looks a little something like this:

Sleeping Peacefully. I'm such a good baby.

Look at my adorable yawn! Little does Mommy know....

It's 6pm....that means it's time to...


and SCREAM!!!

One minute he's a happy baby. Then the clock strikes 6 and he's miserable. He screams and cries, holds his breath and turns dark red. We pat his back, walk up and down the hallway, sing to him, swaddle him, talk to him, ignore him, burp him. Nothing works.

It's called COLIC and I hate it. The Baby Bible, otherwise known as "What to Expect The First Year", describes colic as follows:

"...crying turns to screaming, and the ordeal lasts for three hours, sometimes much longer, occasionally nearly round-the-clock.....Colic generally begins during the second or third week of twelve weeks it usually begins to diminish"

After complaining to Ryan's pediatrician and hearing the word "colic" uttered, I wanted to cry myself. Colic is so frustrating because absolutely nothing seems to work. It's just unexplained crying. I'm the kind of person who wants a reason. If he's crying, then there must be a logical explanation, or a problem that can be fixed. Right? Wrong.

I would love to hear advice or stories from other moms who have experienced this. Did you find anything that helps?


  1. Shea had colic and even Maya (the easier baby) went through that "fussy phase" around 6-9 weeks or so. Even though she didn't cry uncontrollably, she was still fussy and needed to be bounced to stay relatively happy. Shea... was just grumpy. Screamed. A lot. And not just in the evenings! Looking back I actually think she had "silent reflux," where they have the uncomfortable-ness of reflux but don't actually spit up...

    Anyway. If there is something that comforts him, then do it! Don't worry about messing up a schedule or forming a bad habit or whatever.. this is a phase and if there's something that makes him a little happier than just do it. :) But that's just me! Both of my kids liked going outside-- not that it was a magic fix but sometimes it helped for a little while.

    The only REAL advice: It is a phase. It will pass. It won't be like this forever-- or maybe even next month.

  2. You have to try this stuff called Colic Calm. I had a nurse friend rec it. You can buy it online and it'll ship in a few days.

    I also have another friend who went through the same thing! She went to her Dr and the Dr gave her acid reflux meds and he baby was changed!!

    Its hard being a Mommy because you want to just accept what dr's say, but now there are other options. I would def ask about acid reflux. Couldn't hurt.

  3. We actually got a prescription for Zantac, for acid reflux. It hasn't done much. I also bought mylecon drops, but so far they haven't done much either! I'll have to look into the Colic Calm.....I just hate pumping my baby full of meds and herbs.

  4. I so so so understand. I had a rough couple of weeks with my little boy too. I hate to say it, but they will grow out of it. It's just hard when you have no idea how to soother you babes.