Monday, June 7, 2010

Just Another Monday

As Ryan's 6-week mark approaches, I feel like I am finally settling into somewhat of a routine. He's a very unpredictable baby, as I'm sure most babies are. But I'm slowly beginning to have some sort of structure to my days.....

Most days start somewhere between 6am and 8am. I try to get out of bed before Ryan wakes up, so that I can at least put in my contacts and go to the bathroom by myself. Once he's awake, I immediately change and feed him. Sometimes I eat breakfast while feeding him, sometimes not. It all depends on how anxious he is to eat. (ie: how loud he is crying)

After breakfast Ryan is generally a very happy baby. He will sit calmly in his vibrating lammy seat for a good 20 minutes. During this time I shower, dress, put on makeup (if I'm going out of the house), make the bed and check e-mail. After that he gets fussy, so I try to get us out of the house. Today it was to the grocery store. Once home about an hour later, it's time for him to eat again.

By lunchtime I start to feel like I'm not getting anything accomplished because the house is still usually a mess. If Ryan is calm, he will go into his Baby Bjorn carrier while I do laundry and dishes. Sometimes this works.....sometimes not. Afterwards it's time for him to eat again. I try to use this time to eat myself, but again, it doesn't always happen.

Afternoons usually consist of a walk in the stroller. I think the fresh air is good for both Ryan and I. After that it's time for Ryan to eat again! (Sensing a theme here? It's about every 2 hours still). Once late afternoon hits, Ryan gets fussy and I run out of things to do to entertain him. Sometimes he will take a nap. If not, I basically hold him for the next few hours until Adam gets home.

Dinner is made using one hand. This is when the meltdown starts. Ryan gets really loud and fussy, so he is passed off between Adam and I while we try to eat, usually around 7pm. Every other night I give him a bath, which he absolutely loves. On the off nights he usually cries non-stop from 8 to 9. Once 9pm hits, I get into bed and nurse Ryan to sleep. He will generally sleep from about 10:30 until 1am, and then again from 2am until about 4am or 5am. After that it's anyone's guess.

So that's a "typical" day with Baby Ryan. Honestly, each day is very different. Some days he seems to just cry all day long. Some days he will take both a morning and afternoon nap. Other days he stays awake all day demanding to be held.

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