Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weighty Wednesday: Big Fat Fail

So this week wasn't as great as last week. I was distracted by Ryan's problems, and didn't meet either of my goals. I did try to get out for 30 minutes of walking every day, but Ryan wouldn't always cooperate. And I had the best intentions of not eating out, but we did buy food out once (with a gift card!) and then I got lunch out yesterday with my mom.

I'm also not sure about my weight, because my scale at home is different than the one at the Dr office. According to their scale, I actually lost 3 lbs last week, and not 5. That sounds more accurate. But because I have to use my scale, I will post my weight loss based on that. (And 5 sounds better than 3, right?!). My scale says I lost 3 this week, for a total of 8 so far.

Stats and Goals for Week 3:
Lbs Lost so Far: 8
Lbs Left to Lose: 22
Food Goal: Get out of a rut! We tend to eat chicken a lot around here, so my goal this week is to eat beef, fish, turkey and pork at least one night. I am planning on posting a recipe on Friday that does NOT include chicken.
Fitness Goal: In addition to walking every day, I want to start stretching. My back has been killing me lately, probably as a result of carrying Ryan around all day. Whenever I have time each day this week, I want to do some stretches to start strengthening my back and abs.

PS: I am back in my regular jeans now! No more maternity jeans for me. Woohoo!

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