Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ryan: 1 Month

Happy 1-month Birthday Ryan!
You are such a sweet baby and I can't believe you have been in my life for an entire month now. I am so glad God has blessed us with you. You make me laugh and smile every single day. I can't wait until you are smiling and laughing back at me!

You already have quite the personality. Whether you're hungry, wet, or just bored, you definitely let us know it! I hate to hear you cry but I feel special that sometimes Mommy is the only one who can soothe you. (Well, sometimes)

My favorite times are when you are awake and just looking around at things. From your first day you've been very aware of your surroundings. My favorite thing you do is right when you first wake up. You stretch, wrinkle your forehead and purse your lips. It is absolutely adorable!

Taking a Bath
Staring at Ceiling Fans (They don't have to be moving)
Baby Bjorn carrier
The sound of water
The sound of the bathroom fan
Laying on your tummy

Getting diaper changed
Getting clothes changed
The sound of the garbage disposal

I Love you Baby Ryan!!

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