Friday, May 14, 2010

2 Week Checkup

Ryan, enjoying some "tummy time". It's crazy that he can lift his head up and move it from left to right without any help.

Ryan had his 2-week checkup this morning and I am happy to say he is up to 8 lbs, 2 oz! Pretty close to his birth weight. Everything looks good, according to the Doctor. I chose his official pediatrician who he will start seeing at his 2-month appointment. The Dr. is the same pediatrician I had, and also the Dr. who delivered me as a baby! Kind of weird but also really neat.

Here is Ryan at 2 weeks.

The Dr. told me today I can start letting Ryan dictate when he eats, rather than waking him up every 2 hours at night to nurse. He even said I can let him sleep for up to 4 hours at night before waking him up to eat! I was so happy to hear that. Hopefully I can get a good stretch of sleep tonight!

I had to post this one, because he's about to sneeze. Baby sneezes are so cute!

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