Monday, May 17, 2010


Now that Ryan weighs over 8 lbs again, there are many new possibilities for him! One of the exciting ones for me is he can now wear gDiapers!

We started using them on Saturday and so far I have no complaints! I do have to wash the inner liner when he has a messy diaper, but so far when it's just a wet diaper I've had no leaking.

Ryan has already developed a pretty bad diaper rash, so I'm hoping that switching to cloth will help with this. Unfortunately, Baby Ryan REALLY hates getting his diaper changed.

He cries, screams, and holds his breath. It starts the second I lay him down on his changing table. Is this normal?

Another advantage to being over 8 lbs now is that we can use the Baby Bjorn carrier! (Thanks sis!)

Ryan fell asleep after about 10 minutes in it. I developed a backache after holding him in it, but at least my hands were free!

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  1. Steph, you look so cute holding that baby...and I have to say that Ryan is cuter with the gdiaper on than your teddy bear :o) Glad to hear that they're working well, so far!