Thursday, May 27, 2010

Got Milk?

We've got plenty of it around here! Milk on the couch, on the baby's blankets, on my jeans, on our sheets, milk on get the picture. I've got a spit-up monster on my hands!
The poor little guy is obviously uncomfortable. He gets fussy after I feed him. He's usually okay if held still at a slight incline for about 45 minutes after eating. But come on, he's a baby! It's impossible to hold him still in one position that long. So the milk usually comes back up. The medicine doesn't seem to be doing much yet.
Any advice from other moms out there? I know this is a common problem.


  1. If he starts projective vomiting or losing weight, then have your pediatrician test Ryan for pyloric stenosis. I think it affects like 2 in every 1,000 babies or so, but it's more common in 1st born male children... it's worth a thought. My cousin's son had it. Simple little surgery though the navel fixes it.

  2. Could be reflux? I guess Dr's say that colic is at night and reflux is during the day. When is he most fussy? I just ordered this stuff called Colic Calm. Its supposed to be a lifesaver. One of my nurse friends recommended it to me. ((Don't worry spit up is sooo normal, though its kinda gross and gets ALL OVER.))