Monday, July 19, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend

I am winding down from an absolutely great weekend. It started Friday night with Thai takeout for my birthday. Saturday morning my friend Jesselle visited me and met Ryan for the first time. That afternoon Adam took me to Babies R Us for some much needed shopping. While we were there a pregnant woman was admiring Ryan. She said "Oh how precious, he's sleeping". I said "Yes it's a miracle". She replied "Oh yes, babies are a miracle". I said "Well, yes, but I meant it's a miracle that he's asleep". I think I scared her.

Saturday evening we went to our other friends' house for some fondue. (no cheese for me!) While there Ryan got passed around and loved on by all the women. Then something wonderful happened that night. I put a sleeping Ryan in his bassinet at about 11pm. And he slept. Until 7am! That's 8 hours!! I did wake up about 3 times throughout the night to peek at him and wonder why he was still asleep. I kept thinking he would wake up hungry, but he never did! When his eyes finally popped open Sunday morning, he turned to me and gave me a huge smile. Awww!

We had planned on going to church but Adam woke up with a migraine. After his headache wore off we visited with his mom for a while and then he took me somewhere special for my birthday. Whole Foods! Now I know grocery shopping might not sound fun to some people, but I love it. Especially when it's at the Whole Foods in Los Gatos. They have so many unique foods there, I wanted to buy the entire store! I managed to only spend about $80, and one of my purchases was a box of vegan donuts!

After Whole Foods we had a birthday dinner at my parents' house, where we ordered in food from BJ's. That night Ryan slept straight from 11pm until 4am, woke to eat, and then snoozed until 7am. Can you believe it?? A great way to end the weekend.
In regards to Ryan sleeping, the only explanation I can come up with is that he had a lot of stimulation this weekend, and maybe that tired him out so much that he was able to sleep longer. We went to many different places and lots of different people held him and talked to him. I guess we'll have to start taking Ryan out to parties every night before bed!


  1. Yay, you got donuts! I like those donuts, did you like them?

  2. I'm so glad Ryan (and you!!) got some rest this weekend! He looks so sweet all swaddled up :o) Maybe you're right...3 months is the magic number?

  3. Hey Laura....Yes I tried the donuts this morning and liked them! They were in the freezer section and coated in cinnamon sugar. Yum! Are those the same ones you've tried? They also had glazed.

  4. No, I had the fresh ones from the bakery section. But that was in San Francisco, so maybe they don't have them at every location.