Friday, July 23, 2010

Foodie Friday: Taste Buds

If I had a food motto to describe my eating habits, it would probably be "Variety is the Spice of Life". Adam's would be something like "Look Before you Leap" (and even then, don't leap). He is very suspicious of trying new foods, while I love to cook with and sample new cuisines and ingredients.

For example, Adam's favorite type of meal would consist of plain chicken breast coated only with salt, pepper, and garlic. On the side he'd love white rice and steamed broccoli. Now there's absolutely nothing wrong with this meal. But I think this kind of classic American meal gets boring! I made chicken and rice this week......well, Coconut Curry Chicken and Vegetables over Lime-Cilantro Brown Rice, to be exact.

Adam's ideal drink after work is a Coke. Me? I made homemade Horchata this week using organic cinnamon sticks.

Our differing tastes make it difficult for me to cook for Adam. He has a long list of foods he will not eat: mushrooms (I don't blame him), anything creamy (ranch, sour cream, mayo...again, I don't blame him), all fruits except watermelon, cherries or grapes, anything that tastes "asian", anything with vinegar in it, pork, anything with lemon in it.....get the point?

What I'm wondering is how we develop our taste buds. Is it genetics? I kind of doubt this, since siblings within the same family can have vastly different tastes. Is it the foods we are raised on? This makes more sense to me. I think that if we are introduced to a variety of healthy foods from a young age, we will be more likely to eat those foods later in life.

The reason I have been thinking about this lately is because Ryan will be eating solid foods within a few months! I want to do everything possible to not only feed him nutritious foods, but to lay the groundwork for his adult life eating habits. So what foods should I begin with when introducing Ryan to solids? Should I attempt to make my own baby food? I'm really excited about this next phase of his babyhood. Thoughts? Advice?


  1. I made Mason's baby food for the first few months and I loved it. It was very rewarding and gave me a sense of accomplishment. The best part about it is you can make all Organic and you know exactly whats in it because you made it! It takes a couple of tries to figure it out and make a system but once you do it's pretty easy. An important thing to remember is to make in bulk! I had bags and bags of fruits and veggies all ready to go in the freezer. was a life saver, they have so many recipes and it was pretty fun :) You will need a food processor and ice cube trays. I am definitely going to do it again next time! Good Luck!

  2. should talk to April about variety...she was (and sometimes still is?) feeding Roman funky/exotic sounding baby food, premade of course! I am assuming she gets it at Whole Foods....and now that kid eats ANYTHING!

  3. I also make my kids there foods. yes I still bought the baby foods for those days we where out or I just didn't feel up to it. But I started with Veg's so greens then worked to the meats then the fruits. I did them last cause they have natural sugar and I didn't want them to get use to the sweet stuff before they got what they needed first. I'm picky like Adam so for me making the kids eat all kinds of foods was a little hard. But I do give them things I wouldn't eat. Jason loves to try new things so I'm thankful for that cause he gets the kids to eat things I wouldn't even give them like sea food... Its a hit and miss thing. give him everything he'll let you know what he likes and doesn't.

  4. I'm right along with you. Like the poster above mentioned, has been a great resource. Their recipes are all labeled according to age group and tell you what health benefits they have. I LOVE this website!

  5. Danielle's right... Roman will eat everything. :) Among other things, we did some baby foods called World Baby Foods ( which were standard jars featuring things like Lullaby Thai, Baby Borscht, Sweetie Tahiti, Baby Dal, and Tokyo Tum Tum. Roman loved everything but the Que Pasa Calabasa. Good luck!