Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ryan fell asleep earlier than usual the other night. I typically feed him in bed somewhere around 9pm, and once he falls asleep, I place him in his bassinet, usually between 10pm and 11pm. On this particular night he fell asleep during his 7:30 feeding on the couch.

I carried him back to the bedroom and placed him up against my pregnancy boppy pillow. I wasn't being super careful or quiet, because I didn't care if he woke up. I knew he'd have to eat again before he slept for the night, so it wasn't a big deal if he didn't stay asleep.
Why is it that when I don't necessarily want him to sleep, he does? And when we're super quiet and careful not to wake him up, he wakes up? Silly babies, they're so unpredictable!

Pretty soon Riley decided to join Ryan.

He really does have 2 hind legs....he's just hiding one in this picture.

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  1. He looks so precious!! I love sleeping babies haha!