Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Play Structure - Phase 3

Our playroom is constantly evolving! Here was my last update, back in September:

And the original structure, back in May:

Since then we've added a few finishing touches to make it even more fun, comfortable and inviting.
We moved the ropes to the front of the structure, so the boys can use them to scale the walls up to the top.

You can also see in this picture the glowing blue light up on top. Adam put in some inexpensive lights along the roof that can be controlled by a remote control.
We can change the colors depending on our mood (or gender).
Every time I used to climb up to the second level, the hard wood floor killed my knees. I figured it might also be uncomfortable for the kids to crawl on, so I found some interlocking foam mats and they fit perfectly up there!
We also covered the bench that Adam built in upholstered foam so it's a comfy seating area. Or a place for Mommy to lay down while the kids play!
 Adam cut little windows in the tunnel below the bench.
And another new fun feature....a talking tube! This picture shows it on the second floor of the play structure. You can talk into the tube......
 And the sound comes out the other end, which is down inside the tunnel. How fun is that?

On the opposite side of the room is our rock climbing wall. The boys absolutely love this!

Adam created a second hotwheels track that goes through the center of the room.
Both tracks end up going down the wall into a little blue box Adam made. (Clearly not big enough for the 1000 hot wheels cars we own!)

Finally, we put up a simple piece of wood with clothespins attached so the boys can pin their artwork to the wall. Ryan loves displaying his creations.
I have two more wishes for our playroom. First, I still want to get some big cushy pillows to put on the bench and prop up against the window. We have a protective metal rail on the window juuuust in case the kids decide to try throwing each other through the window. It isn't too comfortable to lean back against, so I want to make it more cozy and comfy with pillows. Second, I told Adam he needs to design a girly space for Jenna. It would probably be on the lower level of the play structure. I'm thinking a little rug, twinkly lights, and all her baby dolls. That way it would be like a little playhouse/dollhouse. Any other good girly suggestions?

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